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1989Transference numbers for aqueous solutions of trichloroacetic acid (HTCA) at 25°C by the emf methodEsteso, Miguel A.; Fernandez-Merida, Luis; Hernandez-Luis, Felipe F.; Gonzalez-Diaz, Oscar M. Artículo
1989Activity coefficients for aqueous solutions of potassium succinate (K2Succ) at 25°CEsteso, Miguel A.; Fernandez-Merida, Luis; González-Díaz, Oscar M. ; Hernandez-Luis, Felipe F.Artículo
1989Activity coefficients in mixed-electrolyte solutions at 25°C: Na-formate + NaCl systemEsteso, Miguel A.; Hernandez-Luis, Felipe F.; Fernandez-Merida, Luis; González-Díaz, Oscar M. Artículo
1991Transference numbers for NaCl in a 60 wt.% ethanol-water mixture at 25°CEsteso, Miguel A.; Gonzalez-Diaz, Oscar M. ; Fernandez-Merida, Luis; Hernandez-Luis, Felipe F.Artículo