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2014Radio-induced apoptosis of peripheral blood CD8 T lymphocytes is a novel prognostic factor for survival in cervical carcinoma patientsOrdoñez, R.; Henríquez-Hernández, L. A. ; Federico, M.; Valenciano, A.; Pinar, B.; Lloret, M.; Bordón, E. ; Rodríguez-Gallego, C. ; Lara, P. C.Artículo
2018EP-2333: NK and B cells are novel prognostic factors for disease free survival in cervical carcinoma patientsOrdoñez Marmolejo, R.; Henríquez-Hernández, L.A. ; Pinar, B. ; Federico, M.; Lloret, M. ; Rodriguez Ibarria, M.; Ribeiro, I.; Garcia-Cabrera, L.; Rodríguez-Gallego, C. ; Lara, P. C. Actas de congresosNK_B_cells_novel_prognostic_factors.pdf.jpg
2019Dosimetric comparison of T-O brachytherapy with/without interstitial component in FIGO I-IIB tumorsFederico, M.; Perez Fustero, A.; Catarina, C.; Fernandez, I.; Perez Molina, J. L.; Morales Orue, I.; Lloret Sáez-Bravo, Marta Actas de congresos