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2014RehabCity: Design and validation of a cognitive assessment and rehabilitation tool through gamified simulations of activities of daily livingVourvopoulos, Athanasios; Faria, Ana Lúcia; Ponnam, Kushal; Bermudez I Badia, Sergi Actas de congresos
2015Development and evaluation of a web-based cognitive task generator for personalized cognitive training: A proof of concept study with stroke patientsFaria, Ana Lúcia; Badia, Sergi Bermúdez I. Actas de congresos
2016Benefits of virtual reality based cognitive rehabilitation through simulated activities of daily living: a randomized controlled trial with stroke patientsFaria, Ana Lúcia; Andrade, Andreia; Soares, Luísa; I Badia, Sergi Bermúdez Artículo