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2000Accurate and automatic NOAA-AVHRR image navigation using a global contour matching approachEugenio, Francisco; Marques, Ferran; Gomez, Luis ; Suarez, Eduardo; Rovaris, Eduardo 
2000A contour matching approach for accurate NOAA-AVHRR image navigationEugenio, Francisco; Marques, Ferran; Suarez, Eduardo; Rovaris, Eduardo 
2000Improvements on the methodology to obtain accurate and automatic maps of Sea Surface Temperature from NOAA-AVHRR dataEugenio, Francisco; Marcello, Javier ; Hernandez, Alonso ; Rovaris, Eduardo 
2002Automatic feature extraction from multisensorial oceanographic imageryMarcello, Javier ; Maqués, Ferran; Eugenio, Francisco
2002A contour-based approach to automatic and accurate registration of multitemporal and multisensor satellite imageryEugenio, Francisco; Marqués, Ferran; Marcello, Javier 
2002Accurate retrieval of sea surface temperature in the Canary Islands-Azores-Gibraltar area using AVHRR/3 and MODIS dataEugenio, Francisco; Marcello, Javier ; Rovaris, Eduardo ; Hernández, Alonso 
2003Automatic Structures Detection and Spatial Registration using Multisensor Satellite ImageryEugenio, Francisco; Rovaris, Eduardo ; Marcello, Javier ; Marqués, Ferran
2004Precise upwelling and filaments automatic extraction from multisensorial imageryMarcello, Javier ; Eugenio, Francisco; Marqués, Ferran
2004Evaluation of thresholding techniques applied to oceanographic remote sensing imageryMarcello, Javier ; Marqués, Ferran; Eugenio, Francisco
2004An automated multisensor satellite imagery registration technique based on the optimization of contour featuresEugenio, Francisco; Marcello, Javier ; Marqués, Ferran
2007Methodology for the estimation of ocean surface currents using region matching and differential algorithmsMarcello, Javier ; Eugenio, Francisco; Marqués, Ferran
2007Performance of region-based matching techniques to compute the ocean surface motionMarcello, Javier ; Eugenio, Francisco; Marquês, Ferran
2009Featured-based algorithm for the automated registration of multisensorial/multitemporal oceanographic satellite imageryEugenio, Francisco; Marcello, Javier 
2009Hierarchical segmentation of vegetation areas in high spatial resolution images by fusion of multispectral informationCalderero, Felipe; Marqués, Ferran; Marcello, Javier ; Eugenio, Francisco
2009Effects of climate change over the NW African coastMarcello, Javier ; Hernández-Guerra, Alonso ; Eugenio, Francisco
2009Cloud motion estimation in SEVIRI image sequencesMarcello, Javier ; Eugenio, Francisco; Marqués, Ferran
2011On the use of GNSS-R data to correct L-band brightness temperatures for sea-state effects: Results of the ALBATROSS field experimentsValencia, Enric; Camps, Adriano; Bosch-Lluis, Xavier; Rodriguez-Alvarez, Nereida; Ramos-Perez, Isaac; Eugenio, Francisco; Marcello, Javier 
2011Seasonal and temporal study of the northwest African upwelling systemMarcello, Javier ; Hernández-Guerra, Alonso ; Eugenio, Francisco; Fonte, Abenauara
2012Multispectral cooperative partition sequence fusion for joint classification and hierarchical segmentationCalderero, Felipe; Eugenio, Francisco; Marcello, Javier ; Marques, Ferran
2012Regional study of sea surface temperature, chlorophyll and aerosol concentration in the north atlantic ocean using modis dataTopham, Ricardo; Marcello, Javier ; Eugenio, Francisco; Hernandez-Guerra, Alonso