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1986Occupational asthma caused by African maple (Obeche) and Ramin: Evidence of cross reactivity between these two woodsHinojosa, M.; Losada, E.; Moneo, I.; Dominguez, J.; CARRILLO, TERESA ; Sanchez-Cano, M.
1992Localization Of African Swine Fever Viral-Antigen, Swine Igm, Igg And C1Q In Lung And Liver-Tissues Of Experimentally Infected-PigsFernandez, A. ; Perez, J.; Martin de las Mulas, J.; Carrasco, L.; Dominguez, J.; Sierra, M. A. 
1996Vertical profiles of acidic aerosols in Les Landes forestSanchez, M. L.; Rodriguez, R. ; Dominguez, J.; Perez, I.; Garcia, M. A.; Fernandez, M. J.; Sanz, J.
1996Characterization of particle size distribution in a Mediterranean forest using a laser spectrometerSanchez, M. L.; Sanz, F.; Rodriguez, R. ; Dominguez, J.
2000Aerosols in a mediterranean forest: Sulfates, particle size distribution, and growth ratesSánchez, M. L.; Dominguez, J.; Rodriguez, R.