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2013Low calcium in take and inadequate vitamin D status in postmenopausal osteoporotic womenQuesada-Gomez, Jose Manuel; Diaz-Curiel, Manuel; Sosa-Henriquez, Manuel ; Malouf-Sierra, Jorge; Nogues-Solan, Xavier, et alReseña
2017Validation of Garvan Scale in a spanish populationSosa Henríquez, Manuel ; Reyes Domínguez, Ana Isabel ; Sosa-Cabrera, N.; Hernández Hernández, Diego ; Diaz-Curiel, Manuel, et alActas de congresos
2017SNPs in bone-related miRNAs are associated with the osteoporotic phenotypeDe-Ugarte, Laura; Caro-Molina, Enrique; Rodríguez-Sanz, María; García-Pérez, Miguel Angel; Olmos, José M., et alArtículoSPNs_bone_related.pdf.jpg