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2009Saharan Dust And The Aerosols On The Canary Islands: Past And PresentMenendez, Inmaculada ; Derbyshire, Edward; Engelbrecht, Johann; von Suchodoletz, Hans; Zoeller, Ludwig; Dorta Antequera,Pedro ; Carrillo, Teresa ; Rodríguez De Castro, Felipe Carlos B. 
2014Sources of PM2.5 impacting on gran canaria, spainEngelbrecht, Johann P.; Menéndez, Inmaculada ; Derbyshire, Edward
2014Dust deposits on La Graciosa Island (Canary Islands, Spain): Texture, mineralogy and a case study of recent dust plume transportMenéndez, Inmaculada ; Pérez-Chacón, Emma ; Mangas, José ; Tauler, Esperança; Engelbrecht, Johann P.; Derbyshire, Edward; Cana, Luis ; Alonso, Ignacio 
2017Saharan dust and the impact on adult and elderly allergic patients: the effect of threshold values in the northern sector of Gran Canaria, SpainMenéndez, Inmaculada ; Derbyshire, Edward; Carrillo, Teresa ; Caballero, Elena; Engelbrecht, Johann P.; Romero Martín, Lidia Esther ; Mayer, Pablo L. ; Rodríguez de Castro, Felipe ; Mangas, José