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Estoc, new approach warrants long-term support to the oceanic observational programCianca, A.; Santana, R. C.; Delory, Eric; Remirez, X.; Barrera Solano, C., et al2011Instrumentation ViewPoint [ISSN 1886-4864] (11), p. 21-22ArtículoEstoc_new_approach.pdf.jpg
The EMSO-ERIC pan-european consortium: Data benefits and lessons learned as the legal entity formsBest, Mairi M.R.; Favali, Paolo; Beranzoli, Laura; Blandin, Jérôme; Çağatay, Namik M., et al201610.4031/MTSJ.50.3.13Marine Technology Society Journal[ISSN 0025-3324],v. 50, p. 8-150,363Q30,727Q3Artículo
International and multidisciplinary network for the preservation of the good environmental status of the marine areas of Macaronesian region and the conservation of their cetacean populations (SANICET)De La Fuente Marquez, Jesus ; Arbelo Hernández, Manuel Antonio ; Fernández Rodríguez, Antonio Jesús ; Hernández Cabrera, José Juan ; Castro, Ayoze , et al2019World Marine Mammal Conference 2019. Barcelona, Spain, 9th-12th December, p. 180Actas de congresos
MARCET Project: International and Multidisciplinary Network for the conservation of cetaceans and the promotion of a sustainable tourism associated with whale watching activity in the Macaronesian watersDe La Fuente Marquez, Jesus ; Arbelo Hernández, Manuel Antonio ; Gelado Caballero, María Dolores ; Montoto Martínez, Tania ; Galván González, Blas José , et al202032nd Annual Conference of the European Cetacean Society.La Spezia, Italy, 6th April – 10th April 2018. MC13Póster de congresosPoster-ECS_2018.pdf.jpg