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2013Magmatic Differentiation in the Teide–Pico Viejo Succession: Isotope Analysis as a Key to Deciphering the Origin of Phonolite MagmaWiesmaier, Sebastian; Troll, Valentin R.; Carracedo, Juan Carlos ; Ellam, Robert M.; Bindeman, Ilya, et alCapítulo de libro
2013Magma Mixing in the 1100 AD Montaña Reventada Composite Lava Flow: Interaction of Rift Zone and Central Complex MagmatismWiesmaier, Sebastian; Deegan, Frances M.; Troll, Valentin R.; Carracedo, Juan Carlos ; Chadwick, Jane P.Capítulo de libro
2013Pre-Teide Volcanic Activity on the Northeast Volcanic Rift ZoneTroll, Valentin; Deegan, Frances M.; Delcamp, A.; Carracedo, Juan Carlos ; Harris, C., et alCapítulo de libro
2015Nannofossils: The smoking gun for the Canarian hotspotTroll, Valentin R.; Deegan, Frances M.; Burchardt, Steffi; Zaczek, Kirsten; Carracedo, Juan Carlos , et alArtículo
2015The 2011-2012 submarine eruption off El Hierro, Canary Islands: new lessons in oceanic island growth and volcanic crisis managementCarlos Carracedo, Juan ; Troll, Valentin R.; Zaczek, Kirsten; Rodríguez González, Alejandro ; Soler, Vicente, et alReseña
2015Nannofossils in 2011 El Hierro eruptive products reinstate plume model for Canary IslandsZaczek, Kirsten; Troll, Valentin R.; Cachao, Mario; Ferreira, Jorge; Deegan, Frances M., et alArtículoNannofosils.pdf.jpg
2015Magmatic water contents determined through clinopyroxene: Examples from the Western Canary Islands, SpainWeis, Franz A.; Skogby, Henrik; Troll, Valentin R.; Deegan, Frances M.; Dahren, BorjeArtículomagmaticwatercontents.pdf.jpg
2017Volcanic particles in agriculture and gardeningTroll, Valentín; Carracedo, Juan Carlos ; Jägerup, Beatrice; Streng, Michael; Barker, Abigail K., et alArtículo
2019The great escape: Petrogenesis of low-silica volcanism of Pliocene to Quaternary age associated with the Altiplano-Puna Volcanic Complex of northern Chile (21 degrees 10 '-22 degrees 50 ' S)Gonzalez-Maurel, Osvaldo; le Roux, Petrus; Godoy, Benigno; Troll, Valentin R.; Deegan, Frances M., et alArtículo
2019Sacred ground; the Maipés necropolis of north-west Gran CanariaTroll, Valentin R.; Rodriguez-Gonzalez, Alejandro ; Deegan, Frances M.; Perez-Torrado, Francisco José ; Carracedo, Juan Carlos , et alArtículo
2020Constraining the sub-arc, parental magma composition for the giant Altiplano-Puna Volcanic Complex, northern ChileGonzález-Maurel, Osvaldo; Deegan, Frances M.; le Roux, Petrus; Harris, Chris; Troll, Valentin , et alArtículoconstrainingthesubarc.pdf.jpg