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2004The phospholipase C-InsP(3) pathway is involved in calcium mobilization induced by growth hormone in hepatocytesMarrero, I. ; Déniz, A.Artículo
2005Experimental network of marine environmental observation, surveillance and control in the Canary Islands waters (RED ACOMAR)Araña, V. ; Cabrera, F. ; Dorta, P. ; Jiménez, E. ; Villar, I., et alActas de congresos
2016Tool to aid production of electronic prototypes with SMD technologyVega Martínez, Aurelio ; Felipe, S.; Monagas, J. ; Déniz, A.Actas de congresos
2016Control software for pick & place machinesVega Martínez, Aurelio ; Déniz, A.; Felipe, S. Actas de congresos