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Production/Demand Matching by Using a Tri-Generation System in a Combined CycleColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Cuviella-Suárez, Carlos; Borge-Diez, David; Rosales Asensio, Enrique 2017Thermal Power Plants: Economics, Advantages and Performance Assessment / Oliver Hill (Ed.)Capítulo de libro
Strategies and Regulations for Renewable Energy Development in IslandsColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Borge-Diez, David; Rosales Asensio, Enrique ; López-Rey, África2017Energy Planning: Approaches and Assessment / Justin Gonzalez (Ed.)Capítulo de libro
Recent Developments of Offshore Marine Power in SpainColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Borge Diez, David; Rosales Asensio, Enrique 2017Research Advances in Marine Resources / Karl Norton (Ed.)Capítulo de libro
Experimental Validation of a Fully Solar-Driven Triple-State Absorption System in Small Residential BuildingsColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Borge-Diez, David; Rosales Asensio, Enrique 2017GHG Emissions: Drivers, Sources and Impacts / Yun Seng Lim; Kein Huat Chua;Jianhui Wong (Eds.)Capítulo de libro
An Assessment of Geothermal Potential in Spain and Its End-UsesColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Rosales Asensio, Enrique ; Borge-Díez, David; Castro-Gil, Manuel2017Energy Planning: Approaches and Assessment / Justin Gonzalez (Ed.)Capítulo de libro
Technological improvements in energetic efficiency and sustainability in existing combined-cycle gas turbine (CCGT) power plantsColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Gómez-Camazón, David; Rosales Asensio, Enrique ; Blanes-Peiró, Jorge-Juan201810.1016/j.apenergy.2018.03.191Applied Energy [ISSN 0306-2619], n. 223, p. 30-51, (agosto 2018)3,455Q18,426Q1Artículo
Technical approach for the inclusion of superconducting magnetic energy storage in a smart cityColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Molina-Ibáñez, Enrique-Luis; Rosales Asensio, Enrique ; López-Rey, África201810.1016/ [ISSN 0360-5442], n. 158, p. 1080-1091, (septiembre 2018)2,048Q15,537Q1Artículo
Simulation of modeling of multi-megawatt photovoltaic plants with high voltage direct current grid integrationColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Guinduláin-Argandoña, Tomás; Rosales Asensio, Enrique ; Molina-Ibáñez, Enrique-Luis; Blanes-Peiró, Jorge-Juan201810.1016/j.solener.2018.02.016Solar Energy [ISSN 0038-092X], n. 166, p. 28-41, (mayo 2018)1,593Q14,674Q1Artículo
Legislative and economic aspects for the inclusion of energy reserve by a superconducting magnetic energy storage: Application to the case of the Spanish electrical systemColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Molina-Ibáñez, Enrique-Luis; Rosales Asensio, Enrique ; Blanes-Peiró, Jorge-Juan201810.1016/j.rser.2017.09.012Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews [ISSN 1364-0321], v. 82(3), p. 2455-2470, (febrero 2018)3,288Q110,556Q1Artículo
District Heating and Cooling Networks in the European UnionColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Borge-Diez, David; Rosales Asensio, Enrique 2018Libro
Measures to Remove Geothermal Energy Barriers in the European UnionColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Palomo-Torrejón, Elisabet; Rosales Asensio, Enrique ; Borge-Diez, David201810.3390/en11113202Energy [ISSN 1996-1073], v. 11(11), 32022,048Q15,537Q1Artículomeasures_remove_geothermal.pdf.jpg
Microgrids with energy storage systems as a means to increase power resilience: An application to office buildingsRosales Asensio, Enrique ; de Simón-Martín, Miguel; Borge-Diez, David; Blanes-Peiró, Jorge Juan; Colmenar-Santos, Antonio201910.1016/ [ISSN 0360-5442], n. 172, p. 1005-1015, (abril 2019)2,166Q16,082Q1Artículo
Reduction of water cost for an existing wind-energy-based desalination scheme: A preliminary configurationRosales Asensio, Enrique ; Borge-Diez, David; Pérez-Hoyos, Ana; Colmenar-Santos, Antonio201910.1016/ [ISSN 0360-5442], n. 167, p. 548-560, (enero 2019)2,166Q16,082Q1Artículo
Optimized design method for storage systems in photovoltaic plants with delivery limitationColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Monteagudo-Mencucci, Mario; Rosales Asensio, Enrique ; de Simón-Martín, Miguel; Pérez-Molina, Clara201910.1016/j.solener.2019.01.046Solar Energy [ISSN 0038-092X], n. 180, p. 468-488 (marzo 2019)1,537Q14,608Q2Artículo
Large-scale desalination based on parabolic trough collectors and double-effect absorption heat pumpsColmenar-Santos, Antonio; León-Betancor, Andrés; Diez-Suárez, Ana María; González-Martínez, Alberto; Rosales Asensio, Enrique 202010.1016/j.egyr.2020.08.044Energy Reports [EISSN 2352-4847], v. 6, p. 207-222, (Noviembre 2020)0,977Q13,595Q2ArtículoLarge-scale desalination.pdf.jpg
Thermal desalination potential with parabolic trough collectors and geothermal energy in the Spanish southeastColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Palomo-Torrejón, Elisabet; Mur-Pérez, Francisco; Rosales Asensio, Enrique 202010.1016/j.apenergy.2019.114433Applied Energy [ISSN 0306-2619], n. 262, 1144333,607Q18,848Q1Artículo
Smart Cities and Energy StorageColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Luis Molina, Enrique; Rosales Asensio, Enrique ; Borge-Diez, David2020The Future of Energy: Challenges, Perspectives, and Solutions / Thomas Valone, PhD (Editor)Capítulo de libro
Technical challenges for the optimum penetration of grid-connected photovoltaic systems: Spain as a case studyColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Linares-Mena, Ana-Rosa; Molina-Ibáñez, Enrique-Luis; Rosales Asensio, Enrique ; Borge-Diez, David202010.1016/j.renene.2019.07.118Renewable Energy [ISSN 0960-1481], n. 145, p. 2296-23052,052Q16,274Q1Artículo
Energy Resiliency and MicrogridsColmenar-Santos, Antonio; Rosales Asensio, Enrique ; Borge-Diez, David2020The Future of Energy: Challenges, Perspectives, and Solutions / Thomas Valone, PhD (Ed.), p. 73-106Capítulo de libro
Economic and environmental benefits of geothermal energy in industrial processesPalomo-Torrejón, Elisabet; Colmenar-Santos, Antonio; Rosales Asensio, Enrique ; Mur-Pérez, Francisco202110.1016/j.renene.2021.04.074Renewable Energy [ISSN 0960-1481], v. 174, p. 134-146, (Agosto 2021)2,052Q16,274Q1Artículo