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Normalization and shape recognition of three-dimensional objects by 3D momentsGalvez, J. M.; Canton, M.1993Pattern Recognition [ISSN 0031-3203], v. 26 (5), p. 667-681Artículo
An application of satellite-derived sea surface temperature data to the skipjack (katsuwonus pelamis linnaeus, 1758) and albacore tuna (thunnus alalunga bonaterre, 1788) fisheries in the north-east atlanticRamos, A. G. ; Santiago, J.; Sangra, P.; Canton, M.199610.1080/01431169608949042International Journal of Remote Sensing[ISSN 0143-1161],v. 17, p. 749-759Artículo
The transition zone of the Canary Current upwelling regionBarton, E. D.; Aristegui, J. ; Tett, P.; Canton, M.; García-Braun, J., et al199810.1016/S0079-6611(98)00023-8Progress in Oceanography [ISSN 0079-6611], v. 41, p. 455-5042,704Q1Artículo