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A study of the head during prenatal and perinatal development of two fetuses and one newborn striped dolphin (Stenella Coeruleoalba, Meyen 1833) using dissections, sectional anatomy, CT, and MRI: Anatomical and functional implications in cetaceans and terrestrial mammalsGarcía de los Ríos y los Huertos, Álvaro; Arencibia Espinosa, Alberto ; Laguía, Marta Soler; Cano, Francisco Gil; Gomariz, Francisco Martínez, et al201910.3390/ani9121139Animals [ 2076-2615], v. 9 (12), p. 11390,601Q12,323Q1Artículoanimals-09-01139.pdf.jpg
Endoscopic study of the oral and pharyngeal cavities in the common dolphin, striped dolphin, risso’s dolphin, harbour porpoise and pilot whale: Reinforced with other diagnostic and anatomic techniquesY Loshuertos, Álvaro García de los Ríos; Laguía, Marta Soler; Arencibia Espinosa, Alberto ; Gomariz, Francisco Martínez; Collado, Cayetano Sánchez, et al202110.3390/ani11061507Animals [EISSN 2076-2615], v. 11 (6), (Junio 2021)0,601Q12,323Q1Artículo