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2014Emotional temperatureAlonso, Jesús B. ; Cabrera, Josué; Travieso, Carlos M. 
2015A tool for the acoustic assessment of the voice in clinical environments: EVALUAde León y de Juan, José ; Rivero Suárez, Juan Francisco; León Manaure, Carolina; Jungjoham Jofre, Felipe; Miranda Fandiño, Sergio; González González, Javier; Alonso, Jesús B. ; Cabrera, Josué; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Travieso, Carlos M. 
2015e-Voice: sistema de evaluación remota del sistema fonadorCabrera, Josué; Alonso-Hernández, Jesús B. ; Travieso-González, Carlos M. ; Ferrer Ballester, Miguel Ángel ; León y de Juan, José de0719382_00000_0045.pdf.jpg
2015Tool for biomedical signals processingCabrera, Josué; Alonso-Hernández, Jesús B. ; Travieso-González, Carlos M. 0719382_00000_0002.pdf.jpg
2015New approach in quantification of emotional intensity from the speech signal: emotional temperatureAlonso Hernández, Jesús Bernardino ; Cabrera, Josué; Medina Molina, Manuel Martín ; Travieso, Carlos M. 
2017Automatic anuran identification using noise removal and audio activity detectionAlonso, Jesús B. ; Cabrera, Josué; Shyamnani, Rohit; Travieso González, Carlos Manuel ; Bolaños, Federico; García, Adrián; Villegas, Alexander; Wainwright, Mark