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1992Digestive hemorrhage caused by aorto-duodenal fistula. Report of 5 casesRodríguez-San Román, J. L.; Abad, C. ; Cabrera, J.; Rodríguez-San Román, M. T.; Mayor, J., et alArtículo
1996Transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt versus sclerotherapy in the elective treatment of variceal hemorrhageCabrera, J.; Maynar, M.; Granados, R.; Gorriz, E.; Reyes, R., et alArtículo
1996Contributions to the symbolic processing of segments in computer visionCabrera, J.; Hernández, M. ; Falcón Martel, Antonio ; Méndez, J.Artículo
2000Regulation by ceramide of epidermal growth factor signal transduction and mitogenesis in cell lines overexpressing the growth factor receptorGallardo, G. ; Tabraue, C. ; Quintana, J ; López-Blanco, F. ; Cabrera, J., et alArtículo
2001Abdominal decompression plays a major role in early postparacentesis haemodynamic changes in cirrhotic patients with tense ascitesCabrera, J.; Falcón, L.; Gorriz, E.; Pardo, M. D.; Granados, R., et alArtículo
2012Influence of cooking procedure on the bioavailability of lycopene in tomatoesPerdomo, F.; Cabrera Fránquiz, F.; Cabrera, J.; Serra-Majem, L. Artículo
2013Activation Of Caspases And Reactive Oxygen Species Generation By Gardenin B In Human Leukemia CellsLoro, J. F. ; Cabrera, J.; Burmistrova, O.; Cifuente, D. A.; Tonn, C. E., et alActas de congresos
2016Gardenin B-induced cell death in human leukemia cells involves multiple caspases but is independent of the generation of reactive oxygen speciesCabrera, J.; Saavedra Santana, Ester Gloria; del Rosario, Henoc; Perdomo, Juan ; Loro, Juan F. , et alArtículo