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2013Early and Late Peritoneal and Hepatic Changes in Goats Immunized with Recombinant Cathepsin L1 and Infected with Fasciola hepaticaZafra Leva,Rafael ; Perez-Ecija, R. A.; Buffoni, L.; Moreno, P.; Bautista, M. J.; Martinez-Moreno, A.; Mulcahy, G.; Dalton, J. P.; Pérez, J.
2013Peripheral blood lymphocyte subsets in Fasciola hepatica infected and immunised goatsZafra Leva,Rafael ; Perez, J. ; Buffoni, L.; Martinez-Moreno, F. J.; Acosta, I.; Mozos, E.; Martinez-Moreno, A.
2013Flow Cytometry from Whole Blood of Goats Infected Experimentally with Fasciola hepaticaZafra Leva,Rafael ; Buffoni, L.; Martinez-Moreno, F. J.; Bautista, M. J.; Escamilla, A.; Pacheco, I. L.; Pérez, Jose; Martinez-Moreno, A.