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2004LXR-dependent gene expression is important for macrophage survival and the innate immune responseJoseph, Sean B.; Bradley, Michelle N.; Castrillo, Antonio ; Bruhn, Kevin W.; Mak, Puiying A., et alArtículo
2005A role for the apoptosis inhibitory factor AIM/Spα/Api6 in atherosclerosis developmentArai, Satoko; Shelton, John M.; Chen, Mingyi; Bradley, Michelle N.; Castrillo, Antonio , et alArtículo
2006The arginase II gene is an anti-inflammatory target of liver X receptor in macrophagesMarathe, Chaitra; Bradley, Michelle N.; Hong, Cynthia; Lopez, Felix ; Ruiz De Galarreta, Carlos M., et alArtículo
2009Apoptotic Cells Promote Their Own Clearance and Immune Tolerance through Activation of the Nuclear Receptor LXRA-Gonzalez, Noelia; Bensinger, Steven J.; Hong, Cynthia; Beceiro Casas, Susana ; Bradley, Michelle N., et alArtículo