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A global diatom database- A bundance, biovolume and biomass in the world oceanLeblanc, K.; Arístegui, J. ; Armand, L.; Assmy, P.; Beker, B., et al201210.5194/essd-4-149-2012Earth System Science Data[ISSN 1866-3508],v. 4, p. 149-165Artículo
Database of diazotrophs in global ocean: Abundance, biomass and nitrogen fixation ratesLuo, Y. W.; Doney, S. C.; Anderson, L. A.; Benavides, Mar ; Berman-Frank, I., et al201210.5194/essd-4-47-2012Earth System Science Data [ISSN 1866-3508], v. 4 (1), p. 47-73Artículodatabasediazotrophsglobal.pdf.jpg
Large mesopelagic fishes biomass and trophic efficiency in the open oceanIrigoien, Xabier; Klevjer, T. A.; Røstad, A.; Martinez, U.; Boyra, G., et al201410.1038/ncomms4271Nature communications [ISSN 2041-1723], v. 5, p. 32716,331Q1ArtículoLarge_mesopelagic_fishes.pdf.jpg
Large deep-sea zooplankton biomass mirrors primary production in the global oceanHernández-León, S. ; Koppelmann, R.; Fraile-Nuez, E. ; Bode, A.; Mompeán, C., et al202010.1038/s41467-020-19875-7Nature Communications [EISSN 2041-1723], v. 11 (1), 6048, (Noviembre 2020)5,569Q112,121Q1Artículolargedeepsea.pdf.jpg