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2013Pre-Teide Volcanic Activity on the Northeast Volcanic Rift ZoneTroll, Valentin; Deegan, Frances M.; Delcamp, A.; Carracedo, Juan Carlos ; Harris, C., et alCapítulo de libro
2015Nannofossils: The smoking gun for the Canarian hotspotTroll, Valentin R.; Deegan, Frances M.; Burchardt, Steffi; Zaczek, Kirsten; Carracedo, Juan Carlos , et alArtículo
2015The magma plumbing system for the 1971 Teneguia eruption on La Palma, Canary IslandsBarker, Abigail K.; Troll, Valentin R.; Carracedo, Juan Carlos ; Nicholls, Peter A.Artículo
2016Locating the depth of magma supply for volcanic eruptions, insights from Mt. CameroonGeiger, Harri; Barker, Abigail K.; Troll, Valentin R.Artículolocating_depth_magma_supply.pdf.jpg
2017Volcanic particles in agriculture and gardeningTroll, Valentín; Carracedo, Juan Carlos ; Jägerup, Beatrice; Streng, Michael; Barker, Abigail K., et alArtículo