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1995Moduli of near convexity of the baernstein spaceBanaś, Józef; Olszowy, Leszek; Sadarangani, Kishin Actas de congresos
1997Set quantities related to the Hausdorff distance in Banach spacesBanaś, Józef; Martinon, Antonio; Sadarangani, Kishin Artículo
2000On a class of Urysohn-Stieltjes quadratic integral equations and their applicationsBanaś, Józef; Rodriguez, Juan R.; Sadarangani, Kishin Artículo
2002Compactness conditions and strong subdifferentiability of a norm in geometry of Banach spacesBanaś, Józef; Sadarangani, Kishin Artículo
2007On existence and asymptotic behaviour of solutions of a functional integral equationBanaś, Józef; Cabrera, Ignacio J. Artículo
2008On some measures of noncompactness in the space of continuous functionsBanaś, Józef; Sadarangani, Kishin Artículo
2008Monotonicity properties of the superposition operator and their applicationsBanaś, Józef; Sadarangani, Kishin Artículo
2009On solutions of a quadratic hammerstein integral equation on an unbounded intervalBanaś, Józef; O'Regan, Donal; Sadarangani, Kishin Artículo
2013Compactness conditions in the study of functional, differential, and integral equationsBanaś, Józef; Sadarangani, Kishin Artículocompactnes_conditions_study_functional.pdf.jpg
2013Compactness conditions in the theory of nonlinear differential and integral equationsBanaś, Józef; Mursaleen, Mohammad; Rzepka, Beata; Sadarangani, Kishin Comentariocompactness_conditions_theory_nonlinear.pdf.jpg
2016Existence and asymptotic behaviour of solutions of differential and integral equations in some function spaces 2016Banaś, Józef; Olszowy, Leszek; Sadarangani, Kishin ; Aghajani, Asadollah; Taoudi, Mohamed A.Comentarioexistence_asymptotic_behaviour_2016.pdf.jpg