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Writer identification on mobile device based on handwrittenKutzner, Tobias; Travieso, Carlos M. ; Bönninger, Ingrid; Alonso, Jesús B. ; Vásquez, Jose Luis201310.1109/CCST.2013.6922063Proceedings - International Carnahan Conference on Security Technology [ISSN 1071-6572], (6922063)Actas de congresos
User verification using safe handwritten passwords on smartphonesKutzner, Tobias; Ye, Fanyu; Bönninger, Ingrid; Travieso, Carlos ; Dutta, Malay Kishore, et al201510.1109/IC3.2015.73466512015 8th International Conference on Contemporary Computing, IC3 2015 (7346651), p. 48-53Actas de congresos1570169529_camerar.pdf.jpg
Online handwriting verification with safe password and increasing number of featuresKutzner, Tobias; Dietze, Mario; Bönninger, Ingrid; Travieso-González, Carlos M. ; Dutta, Malay Kishore, et al201610.1109/SPIN.2016.75667773rd International Conference on Signal Processing and Integrated Networks, SPIN 2016 (7566777), p. 650-655Actas de congresos
Study of long-term quality of online signature verification systemsKutzner, Tobias; Bönninger, Ingrid; Travieso, Carlos M. ; Dutta, Malay Kishore; Singh, Anushikha201710.1109/CCIntelS.2016.78782062nd International Conference on Communication, Control and Intelligent Systems, CCIS 2016 (7878206), p. 85-88Actas de congresospaper_ic3_2016_20160516_tk_ib_ct_final.pdf.jpg
Analysis and classification of motor dysfunctions in arm swing in parkinson’s diseaseSteinmetzer, Tobias; Maasch, Michele; Bönninger, Ingrid; Travieso González, Carlos Manuel 201910.3390/electronics8121471Electronics (Switzerland), v. 8 (4), p. 1-150,303Q22,412Q2ArtículoAnalysis and Classification of Motor Dysfunctions in Arm Swing in Parkinson’s Disease.pdf.jpg
Comparison of algorithms and classifiers for stride detection using wearablesSteinmetzer, Tobias; Bönninger, Ingrid; Reckhardt, Markus; Reinhardt, Fritjof; Erk, Dorela, et al202010.1007/s00521-019-04384-6Neural Computing and Applications[ISSN 0941-0643], n. 32, p. 17857-178680,796Q14,774Q1Artículo
Analysis And Classification Of Motor Dysfunctions In Gait By Using Wearable SensorsSteinmetzer, Tobias Travieso González, Carlos Manuel ; Bönninger, Ingrid2020Tesis doctoralPhD thesis.pdf.jpg
Optimization of long-term care of neurological patients through internet- and mobile-based interventions with and without persuasive elements including gamificationLohse, Peter; Steinmetzer, Tobias ; Reichmann, Heinz; Reckhardt, Markus; Bönninger, Ingrid, et al202010.1055/a-1028-7073Fortschritte der Neurologie-Psychiatrie [EISSN 1439-3522], v. 88 (8), p. 500-513, (Agosto 2020)0,174Q40,642Q4Artículo
Analyzing gait symmetry with automatically synchronized wearable sensors in daily lifeSteinmetzer, Tobias ; Wilberg, Sandro; Bönninger, Ingrid; Travieso González, Carlos Manuel 202010.1016/j.micpro.2020.103118ArtículoSteinmetzer (2020).pdf.jpg