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Vitamins in Spanish food patternsAranceta, Javier; Serra-Majem, Lluis ; Pérez-Rodrigo, Carmen; Llopis, Juan; Mataix, José, et al200110.1079/PHN2001209Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800], v. 4 (6A), p. 1317-1323, (Diciembre 2001)Actas de congresosvitamins_in_spanish_food.pdf.jpg
Fortified foods. Criteria for vitamin supplementation in SpainSerra-Majem, Lluis ; Ortega, Rosa; Aranceta, Javier; Entrala, Alfredo; Gil, Ángel200110.1079/PHN2001211Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800], v. 4 (6A), p. 1331-1334, (Diciembre 2001)Actas de congresosfortified_foods_criteria.pdf.jpg
Breakfast consumption in Spanish children and young peopleAranceta, Javier; Serra-Majem, Lluís ; Ribas, Lourdes; Pérez-Rodrigo, Carmen200110.1079/PHN2001235Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800], v. 4, p. 1439-1444Actas de congresosbreakfast-consumption-in-spanish-children-and-young-people.pdf.jpg
Food patterns of Spanish schoolchildren and adolescents: The enKid studySerra-Majem, Lluís ; García-Closas, Reina; Ribas, Lourdes; Pérez-Rodrigo, Carmen; Aranceta, Javier200110.1079/PHN2001234Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800], v. 4, p. 1433-1438Actas de congresosfood-patterns-of-spanish-schoolchildren-and-adolescents-the-enkid-study.pdf.jpg
Dietary guidelines for the Spanish populationAranceta, Javier; Serra-Majem, Lluís 200110.1079/PHN2001228Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800], v. 4, p. 1403-1408Actas de congresosdietary-guidelines-for-the-spanish-population.pdf.jpg
Nutritional objectives for the Spanish population. Consensus from the Spanish Society of Community NutritionSerra-Majem, Lluís ; Aranceta, Javier200110.1079/PHN2001229Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800], v. 4, p. 1409-1413Actas de congresosnutritional-objectives-for-the-spanish-population-consensus-from-the-spanish-society-of-community-nutrition.pdf.jpg
Risk of inadequate intakes of vitamins A, B1, B6, C, E, folate, iron and calcium in the Spanish population aged 4 to 18Serra-Majem, Lluís ; Ribas, Lourdes; Ngo, Joy; Aranceta, Javier; Garaulet, Marta, et al200110.1024/0300-9831.71.6.325International Journal for Vitamin and Nutrition Research [ISSN 0300-9831], v. 71, p. 325-3311,175Q2Artículo
Determinants of nutrient intake among children and adolescents: Results from the enKid studySerra-Majem, Lluís ; Ribas, Lourdes; Pérez-Rodrigo, Carmen; García-Closas, Reina; Peña-Quintana, Luis , et al200210.1159/000066398Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism [ISSN 0250-6807], v. 46, p. 31-381,076Q3Artículo
Prevalencia de la obesidad en España: resultados del estudio SEEDO 2000Aranceta, Javier; Pérez Rodrigo, Carmen; Serra Majem, Lluís ; Ribas Barba, Lourdes; Quiles Izquierdo, Joan, et al200310.1157/13046926Medicina Clinica [ISSN 0025-7753], v. 120, p. 608-6121,018Q2Artículo
Tablas de evaluación del riesgo coronario adaptadas a la población española. Estudio DORICAAranceta, Javier; Pérez Rodrigo, Carmen; Foz Sala, Màrius; Mantilla, Teresa; Serra Majem, Lluís , et al200410.1016/s0025-7753(04)75331-2Medicina Clínica [ISSN 0025-7753] ,v. 123 (18), p. 686-691, 20041,005Q2Artículo
Food, youth and the Mediterranean diet in Spain. Development of KIDMED, Mediterranean Diet Quality Index in children and adolescentsSerra-Majem, Lluís ; Ribas, Lourdes; Ngo, Joy; Ortega, Rosa M.; García, Alicia, et al200410.1079/PHN2004556Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800], v. 7, p. 931-9351,747Q2Actas de congresosfood-youth-and-the-mediterranean-diet-in-spain-development-of-kidmed-mediterranean-diet-quality-index-in-children-and-adolescents.pdf.jpg
Are there any nutritional deficiencies in the Mediterranean diet?Ortega, Rosa María; López Sobaler, Ana María; Aranceta, Javier; Serra-Majem, Lluís 2004Archivos latinoamericanos de nutrición [ISSN 0004-0622], v. 54 (2) (sup. 1), p. 87-91, (Junio 2004)0,108Q4ArtículoExisten-deficiencias-nutricionales.pdf.jpg
Prevention of overweight and obesity: A Spanish approachAranceta, Javier; Pérez-Rodrigo, Carmen; Serra-Majem, Lluis ; Bellido, Diego; De La Torre, Martín López, et al200710.1017/S1368980007000699Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800], v. 10, p. 1187-11931,858Q2Reseñaprevention-of-overweight-and-obesity-a-spanish-approach.pdf.jpg
Methodological limitations in measuring childhood and adolescent obesity and overweight in epidemiological studies: Does overweight fare better than obesity?Serra-Majem, Lluís ; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Pérez-Rodrigo, Carmen; Ngo, Joy; Aranceta, Javier200710.1017/S1368980007000584Public Health Nutrition [ISSN 1368-9800], v. 10, p. 1112-11201,858Q2Artículomethodological-limitations-in-measuring-childhood-and-adolescent-obesity-and-overweight-in-epidemiological-studies-does-overweight-fare-better-than-obesity.pdf.jpg
Recommendations for a healthy hydrationSerra Majem, Luis ; Aranceta, Javier2008Revista Espanola de Nutricion Comunitaria [ISSN 1135-3074], v. 14 (2), p. 114-116, (Abril 2008)Artículo
Obesity in Spain: Current scenario and strategies for interventionQuiles Izquierdo, Joan; Pérez Rodrigo, Carmen; Serra Majem, Lluis ; Román, Blanca; Aranceta, Javier2008Revista Espanola de Nutricion Comunitaria[ISSN 1135-3074],v. 14, p. 142-149Reseña
ForewordSerra-Majem, Lluís ; Ngo, Joy; Aranceta, Javier; Solomons, Noel W.200910.1111/j.1753-4887.2009.00149.xNutrition Reviews [ISSN 0029-6643], v. 67 (5) sup. 1, p. S1, (Mayo 2009)3,443Q1Actas de congresosForeword (2).pdf.jpg
Physiological and public health basis for assessing micronutrient requirements in children and adolescents. The EURRECA networkIglesia, Iris; Doets, Esmée L.; Bel-Serrat, Silvia; Román, Blanca; Hermoso, Maria, et al201010.1111/j.1740-8709.2010.00273.xMaternal and Child Nutrition[ISSN 1740-8695],v. 6, p. 84-992,311Q1Artículo
Energy density, diet quality, and central body fat in a nationwide survey of young SpaniardsSchröder, Helmut; Mendez, Michelle A.; Gomez, Santiago F.; Fíto, Montserrat; Ribas, Lourdes, et al201310.1016/j.nut.2013.05.019Nutrition[ISSN 0899-9007],v. 29, p. 1350-13551,157Q13,046Q2Artículo
Caloric beverage drinking patterns are differentially associated with diet quality and adiposity among Spanish girls and boysSchröder, Helmut; Mendez, Michelle A.; Ribas, Lourdes; Funtikova, Anna N.; Gomez, Santiago F., et al201410.1007/s00431-014-2302-xEuropean Journal of Pediatrics[ISSN 0340-6199],v. 173, p. 1169-11770,827Q11,89Q2Artículo