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2011Plant food supplement (PFS) market structure in EC Member States, methods and techniques for the assessment of individual PFS intakeVargas-Murga, Liliana; García-Alvarez, Alicia; Román Viñas, Blanca; Ngo, Joy; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes, et alReseñaPlant_food_supplement.pdf.jpg
2011Dietary exposure assessments for children inEurope (the EXPOCHI project): rationale, methodsand designHuybrechts, I.; Sioen, I; Boon, P.E.; Ruprich, J.; Lafay, L., et alArtículoDietary_exposure_assessments.pdf.jpg
2013The presence of D-fagomine in the human diet from buckwheat-based foodstuffsAmézqueta, Susana; Galán, Esther; Vila-Fernández, Ingrid; Pumarola, Sergio; Carrascal, Montserrat, et alArtículo
2014A systematic review on micronutrient intake adequacy in adult minority populations residing in Europe: The need for actionNgo, Joy; Roman-Viñas, Blanca; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Golsorkhi, Mana; Medina, Marisol Wharthon, et alArtículo
2014Health-enhancing physical activity and associated factors in a Spanish populationPardo, Alba; Román-Viñas, Blanca; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Roure, Eulàlia; Vallbona, Carles, et alArtículo
2014Prevalence of abdominal obesity in Spanish children and adolescents. do we need waist circumference measurements in pediatric practice?Schröder, H.; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Koebnick, C.; Funtikova, A.; Gómez, Santiago F., et alArtículoPrevalence_Abdominal_Obesity_Children.PDF.jpg
2014Chinchón declaration; decalogue on low-and no-calorie sweeteners (LNCS)Serra-Majem, Lluís ; Serván, Pilar Riobó; Cortés, Susana Belmonte; Navarro, Arturo Anadón; Bartrina, Javier Aranceta, et alArtículo
2014Usage of plant food supplements across six european countries: Findings from the PlantLIBRA consumer surveyGarcia-Alvarez, Alicia; Egan, Bernadette; De Klein, Simone; Dima, Lorena; Maggi, Franco M., et alArtículo
2014Consumption of non alcoholic beverages and physical activity in childhood and adolescents in SpainRibas-Barba, Lourdes; Román-Viñas, Blanca; De La Cruz, Joy Ngo; Pérez-Rodrigo, Carmen; Aranceta-Bartrina, Javier, et alActas de congresos
2015What and how much do we eat? 24-hour dietary recall methodCastell, Gemma Salvador; Serra-Majem, Lluis ; Ribas-Barba, LourdesArtículo
2015Misreporting in nutritional surveys: Methodological implicationsCastro-Quezada, Itandehui ; Ruano-Rodríguez, Cristina ; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Serra-Majem, Lluis Artículo
2016Usage of Plant Food Supplements (PFS) for weight control in six European countries: results from the PlantLIBRA PFS Consumer Survey 2011-2012Garcia-Alvarez, Alicia; Mila-Villarroel, Raimon; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Egan, Bernadette; Badea, Mihaela, et alArtículoUsage_of_plant_food.pdf.jpg
2016Monetary diet cost, diet quality, and parental socioeconomic status in Spanish youthSchröder, Helmut; Gomez, Santiago F.; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Pérez-Rodrigo, Carmen; Bawaked, Rowaedh Ahmed, et alArtículoMonetary_diet_cost.PDF.jpg
2016Intake of selected bioactive compounds from plant food supplements containing fennel (Foeniculum vulgare) among Finnish consumersUusitalo, Liisa; Salmenhaara, Maija; Isoniemi, Merja; Garcia-Alvarez, Alicia; Serra-Majem, Lluís , et alArtículo
2017Trends in the association between smoking history and general/central obesity in Catalonia, Spain (1992-2003)García-Alvarez, Alicia; Serra-Majem, Lluis ; Castell, C.; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Méndez, M. A.Artículo
2017Cumulative effect of obesogenic behaviours on adiposity in spanish children and adolescentsSchröder, H.; Bawaked, R.A.; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Izquierdo-Pulido, M.; Román Viñas, Blanca, et alArtículoCumulative_effect_obesogenic.pdf.jpg
2017Assessment of food supplements containing botanicals in epidemiological researchGarcia-Alvarez, Alicia; Roman-Viñas, Blanca; Vargas-Murga, Liliana; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Serra-Majem, Lluis Capítulo de libro
2017Association of diet quality with dietary inflammatory potential in youthAhmed Bawaked, Rowaedh; Schröder, H.; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Izquierdo-Pulido, M.; Pérez-Rodrigo, Carmen, et alArtículoAssociation_of_diet.pdf.jpg
2017Who benefits from a dietary online intervention? Evidence from Italy, Spain and GreeceSchwarzer, Ralf; Fleig, Lena; Warner, Lisa M.; Gholami, Maryam; Serra-Majem, Lluis , et alArtículoWho_benefits_from_dietary.pdf.jpg
2017Dietary flavonoids of Spanish youth: intakes, sources, and association with the mediterranean dietBawaked, Rowaedh Ahmed; Schröder, Helmut; Ribas-Barba, Lourdes; Cárdenas, Gabriela; Peña-Quintana, Luis , et alArtículoDietary_flavonoids_spanish.pdf.jpg