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2015Application of genetic algorithms for the calibration of an air quality model and its validation using pollutant measures from the surroundings of an electric power plantOliver, Albert ; Rodríguez, Eduardo ; Ramírez Naranjo, Jabel Alejandro Actas de congresos0722468_00000_0001.pdf.jpg
20153-D wind field simulation over complex terrainOliver, Albert ; Rodríguez, Eduardo ; Ramírez Naranjo, Jabel Alejandro ; López, J. I. ; Brovka, Marina , et alActas de congresos0722437_00000_0001.pdf.jpg
2015Wind forecasting based on the HARMONIE model and adaptive finite elementsOliver, Albert ; Rodriguez, Eduardo ; Escobar Sánchez, José M ; Montero, Gustavo ; Hortal, Mariano, et alArtículowind_forecasting_based_harmoniem.pdf.jpg
2017Simulating large emitters using CMAQ and a local scale finite element model. Analysis of the surroundings of BarcelonaOliver, Albert ; Pérez-Foguet, Agustí; González, Mª Ángeles; Arasa, RaúlActas de congresos
2018Wind field probabilistic forecastingOliver, Albert ; Rodríguez, Eduardo ; Mazorra-Aguiar, Luis Capítulo de libro
2018Wind field diagnostic modelRodríguez, Eduardo ; Montero, Gustavo ; Oliver, Albert Capítulo de libro
2018Characterization of geographical and meteorological parametersMontero, Gustavo ; Rodríguez, Eduardo ; Oliver, Albert Capítulo de libro
2018Improving shadows detection for solar radiation numerical modelsDíaz, F. ; Montero, H. ; Santana, D.; Montero, G. ; Rodríguez, E. , et alArtículo
2018Insertion of triangulated surfaces into a meccano tetrahedral discretization by means of mesh refinement and optimization proceduresRuiz-Girones, Eloi; Oliver, Albert ; Socorro Marrero, Guillermo Valentín ; Manuel Cascón, José; Escobar, José María , et alArtículo
2018Optimisation technique for improving wind downscaling results by estimating roughness parametersMontero, Gustavo ; Rodríguez, Eduardo ; Oliver, Albert ; Calvo, Javier; Escobar, José M. , et alArtículo
2019Analysis of satellite derived solar irradiance in islands with site adaptation techniques for improving the uncertaintyMazorra Aguiar, L. ; Polo, J.; Vindel, J. M.; Oliver, A. Artículo
2020A phenomenological epidemic model based on the spatio-temporal evolution of a gaussian probability density functionBenítez, Domingo ; Montero, Gustavo ; Rodríguez, Eduardo ; Greiner, David ; Oliver, Albert , et alArtículoa_phenomenological_epidemic_model_based On the.pdf.jpg
2020Analysis of sounding derived parameters and application to severe weather events in the Canary IslandsSuárez Molina, David; Fernández-González, Sergio; Suárez González, Juan Carlos; Oliver, Albert Artículo
2020Parameter estimation in a diagnostic wind model over complex terrainMontero, G. ; Rodríguez, E. ; Oliver, A. ; Calvo, J.Actas de congresos
2021Parallel graph-grammar-based algorithm for the longest-edge refinement of triangular meshes and the pollution simulations in Lesser Poland areaPodsiadło, Krzysztof; Oliver Serra, Albert ; Paszyńska, Anna; Montenegro, Rafael ; Henriksen, Ian, et alArtículo
2021Sensitivity analysis of the WRF model: assessment of performance in high resolution simulations in complex terrain in the Canary IslandsSuárez Molina, David ; Fernandez-Gonzalez, Sergio; Montero, Gustavo ; Oliver, Albert ; Suarez Gonzalez, Juan CarlosArtículo