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2010Effect of low-forage rations on milk production of dairy goats: Separate concentrate-forage versus mixed rationsMonzón-Gil, Elizardo; Castañón, José I R ; Ventura, Myriam R. Artículo
2016Tannin content and chemical composition of unconventional and conventional feed for ruminantsGil, Vanessa; Rey, Luis; Barberá, Marta; Castañón, José I.R. ; Ventura, Myriam R. ArtículoTannin_content_chemical.pdf.jpg
2018Germination characteristics of tedera (bituminaria bituminosa var bituminosa)Barberá, Marta; Flores, María P.; Castañón Rodríguez, José Ignacio ; Diaz-Avila, Erik; Rodríguez Ventura, Myriam ArtículoGermination_characteristics_tedera.pdf.jpg