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2004A collision avoidance model based on the lobula giant movement detector (LGMD) neuron of the locustBermúdez i Badia, Sergi ; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2005A biologically based flight control system for a blimp-based UAVBermúdez i Badia, Sergi ; Pyk, Pawel; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2006An artificial moth: Chemical source localization using a robot based neuronal model of moth optomotor anemotactic searchPyk, Pawel; Badia, Sergi Bermudez i ; Bernardet, Ulysses; Knüsel, Philipp; Carlsson, Mikael; Gu, Jing; Chanie, Eric; Hansson, Bill S.; Pearce, Tim C.; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2007A virtual reality system for motor and cognitive neurorehabilitationCameiro, Mónica S.; Bermudez i Badia, Sergi ; Zimmerli, Lukas; Duarte Oller, Esther; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2007A fly-locust based neuronal control system applied to an unmanned aerial vehicle: The invertebrate neuronal principles for course stabilization, altitude control and collision avoidanceBadia, Sergi Bermudez i ; Pyk, Pawel; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2007A biologically based chemo-sensing UAV for humanitarian deminingBermúdez i Badia, Sergi ; Bernardet, Ulysses; Guanella, Alexis; Pyk, Pawel; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2007The Rehabilitation Gaming System: A virtual reality based system for the evaluation and rehabilitation of motor deficitsCameirão, Mónica S.; Bermúdez i Badia, Sergi ; Zimmerli, Lukas; Oiler, Esther Duarte; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2008Intelligent motor decision: From selective attention to a bayesian world modelMathews, Zenon; Badia, Sergi Bermúdez i. ; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2008Using a multi-task adaptive VR system for upper limb rehabilitation in the acute phase of strokeCameirão, Mónica S.; Bermudez i Badia, Sergi ; Oller, Esther Duarte; Verschure, Paul F M J
2008Re(PER)curso: An interactive mixed reality chronicleMura, Anna; Rezazadeh, Behdad; Duff, Armin; Manzolli, Jonatas; Le Groux, Sylvain; Mathews, Zenon; Bernardet, Ulysses; Wierenga, Sytse; Bermudez, Sergi ; Verschure, Paul
2008Virtual reality based upper extremity rehabilitation following stroke: A reviewCameirão, Mónica S.; Badia, Sergi Bermúdez I. ; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2008A model for the neuronal substrate of dead reckoning and memory in arthropods: A comparative computational and behavioral studyBernardet, Ulysses; Bermúdez I Badia, Sergi ; Verschure, Paul F M J
2009Insect-like mapless navigation based on head direction cells and contextual learning using chemo-visual sensorsMathews, Zenon; Lechón, Miguel; Calvo, J. M.Blanco; Duff, Anant Dhir Armin; Badia, Sergi Bermúdez I. ; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2009Learning from the moth: A comparative study of robot-based odor source localization strategiesBadia, Sergi Bermúdezi ; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2009The Rehabilitation Gaming System: A reviewCameirão, Mónica S.; Bermudez i Badia, Sergi ; Duarte Oller, Esther; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2009The effects of explicit and implicit interaction on user experiences in a mixed reality installation: The synthetic oracleBermudez i Badia, Sergi ; Valjamae, Aleksander; Manzi, Fabio; Bernardet, Ulysses; Mura, Anna; Manzolli, Jônatas; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2010The role of neural synchrony and rate in high-dimensional input systems. the Antennal Lobe: A case studyLechon, Miguel; Martinez, Dominique; Verschure, Paul F M J; Bermudez I Badia, Sergi 
2010Non-linear neuronal responses as an emergent property of afferent networks: A case study of the locust Lobula Giant Movement DetectorBermudez i Badia, Sergi ; Bernardet, Ulysses; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.
2010Action-planning and execution from multimodal cues: An integrated cognitive model for artificial autonomous systemsMathews, Zenon; Badia, Sergi Bermúdez I ; Verschure, Paul F M J
2010The real-world localization and classification of multiple odours using a biologically based neurorobotics approachBlanco Calvo, José María; Bermúdez I Badia, Sergi ; Tapia Simó, Hector; Verschure, Paul F.M.J.