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2016Evaluation of zooplankton potential CO2 production: isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH) enzyme activityTames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Martínez, Ico ; Packard, Theodore T. ; Gómez, May Poster_6ZPS_MayteTames.pdf.jpg
2016Can zooplankton secondary production models predict growth in the marine mysid Leptomysis lingvura (G.O. Sars, 1866)?Marrero, Alejandro; Martínez, Ico ; Herrera-Ulibarri, Alicia ; Gómez, May ; Tames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Packard, Theodore TPoster_Bergen.pdf.jpg
2016A preview of the ocean acidification’s impact on potential respiratory activityMartínez, Ico ; Tames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Riebesell, Ulf; Packard, Theodore T. ; Gómez, May Poster-6ZPS.pdf.jpg
2016Starvation's role in plankton metabolismGómez, May ; Romero Kutzner, Vanesa ; Osma, Natalia ; Herrera-Ulibarri, Alicia ; Fernández-Urruzola, Igor ; Martínez, Ico ; Maldonado Uribe, Federico ; Tames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Viera-Rodríguez, M.A. ; Packard, Theodore T. Poster_6ZPS_MayGomez.pdf.jpg
2016Microtrophic project: microplastic incorporation in marine food websHerrera-Ulibarri, Alicia ; Asensio Elvira, María Teresa; Martínez, Ico ; Packard, Theodore T. ; Gómez, May Poster_6ZPS_AliciaHerrera.pdf.jpg
2017Microtrophic ProjectHerrera-Ulibarri, Alicia ; Martínez, Ico ; Packard, Theodore T. ; Asensio, M; Gómez, May 
2017Enzyme tools to determine the well-being of biological communitiesMartínez, Ico ; Packard, Theodore T. ; Tames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Romero Kutzner, Vanesa ; Bondyale-Juez, Daniel R. ; Gómez, May Poster_MaPSIS.pdf.jpg
2018Sampling and processing micro and mesoplastic samples from sandy beachesHerrera Ulibarri, Alicia ; Martínez Sánchez, Ico ; Gómez, May ; Rapp Cabrera, Jorge; Álvarez Suárez, Soledad; Gestoso García, Ignacio; Canning Clode, JoãoBeaches Protocol- ULPGC-ARDITI-PLASMAR.pdf.jpg
2018Sampling methodology optimization for large microplastic (1-5mm)Martínez, Ico ; Herrera-Ulibarri, Alicia ; Lorenzo Navarro, José Javier ; Castrillón-Santana, Modesto ; Packard, Theodore T. ; Gómez, May Poster-6IMDC-Ico.pdf.jpg
2018Novel methodology to isolate microplastics from vegetal-rich samplesHerrera, Alicia ; Garrido-Amador, Paloma; Martínez, Ico ; Samper, Maria Dolores; Lopez-Martinez, Juan; Gomez, May ; Packard, Theodore T. 
2018NADP+ -dependent isocitrate dehydrogenase activity in marine planktonTames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Martínez, Ico ; Romero-Kutzner, Vanesa ; Packard, Theodore T. ; Gómez, May ; Bondyale-Juez, Daniel R. NADPIDHrev.pdf.jpg
2018Microplastic and tar pollution on three Canary Islands beaches: An annual studyHerrera, A. ; Asensio, M.; Martínez, I. ; Santana, A. ; Packard, T. ; Gomez, M. 
2018Assessment of semi-persistent and emerging pollutants in microplastics on four Canary Islands beachesAcosta-Dacal, Andrea Carolina ; Pérez-Luzardo, Octavio ; Herrera, Alicia ; Martínez, Ico ; Gómez, May ; Camacho, María Assesment_semi-persistent_emerging_pollutants.pdf.jpg
2018Deep learning vs classical computer vision techniques for microplastics classicationLorenzo-Navarro, Javier ; Castrillón Santana, Modesto ; Herrera, Alicia ; Martínez, Ico ; Marín Reyes, Pedro; Gómez, May Deep_Learning_Classical_Computer.pdf.jpg
2019Impact of microplastics in jellyfishTarí, Javier; Herrera, Alicia ; Gómez, May ; Martínez, Ico ; Bondyale-Juez, Daniel R. 6JS2019 Southafrica-JT.pdf.jpg
2019Jellyfish respiraton from biochemistryPackard, Theodore T. ; Bondyale-Juez, Daniel R. ; Romero-Kutzner, Vanesa ; Tames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Osma, Natalia ; Fernández-Urruzola, Igor ; Martínez, Ico ; Gómez, May 6JS2019 Southafrica-TTP.pdf.jpg
2019Microplastic ingestion in Pelagia noctilucaHerrera, Alicia ; Rapp, Jorge; Asensio, Maite; Martínez, Ico ; Gómez, May 6JS2019 Southafrica-AH.pdf.jpg
2019Organic pollutants in marine plastic debris from Canary Islands beachesCamacho, María ; Herrera, Alicia ; Gómez, May ; Acosta-Dacal, Andrea Carolina ; Martínez, Ico ; Henríquez-Hernández, Luis Alberto ; Luzardo, Octavio P. 
2019Microplastic ingestion by Atlantic chub mackerel (Scomber colias) in the Canary Islands coastHerrera, A. ; Ŝtindlová, A.; Martínez, I. ; Rapp Cabrera, Jorge; Romero-Kutzner, V. ; Samper, M. D.; Montoto Martínez, Tania ; Aguiar González, Miguel Borja ; Packard, T. ; Gómez, M. 
2019Food supply effects on the asexual reproduction and respiratory metabolism of Aurelia aurita polypsPurcell, Jennifer E.; Bondyale Juez, Daniel Rickue ; Romero-Kutzner, Vanesa ; Martínez, Ico ; Caprioli, Rosa; Tames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Almunia Portolés,Javier ; Alonso, Ester; Packard, Theodore Train ; Gómez, May