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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Myoelectronic signal-based methodology for the analysis of handwritten signaturesCarmona-Duarte, Cristina ; de Torres-Peralta, Rafael ; Diaz, Moises ; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Martin-Rincon, Marcos 
2017A behavioral handwriting model for static and dynamic signature synthesisFerrer, Miguel A. ; Diaz, Moises ; Carmona-Duarte, Cristina ; Morales, Aythami
2017Multiple generation of Bengali static signaturesDiaz, Moises ; Chanda, S.; Ferrer, Miguel A. ; Banerjee, C. K.; Majumdar, A.; Carmona-Duarte, Cristina ; Acharya, P.; Pal, U.
2017Phonatory and articulatory correlates in kinematic neuromotor degenerationCarmona-Duarte, Cristina ; Gomez-Vilda, P.; Plamondon, R.; Rodellar-Biarge, V.; Palacio-Alonso, D.; Ferrer Ballester, Miguel Ángel ; Alonso Hernández, Jesús Bernardino 
2018Two-steps perceptual important points estimator in 8-connected curves from handwritten signatureFerrer, Miguel A. ; Diaz, Moises ; Carmona-Duarte, Cristina