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2019Jellyfish respiraton from biochemistryPackard, Theodore T. ; Bondyale-Juez, Daniel R. ; Romero-Kutzner, Vanesa ; Tames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Osma, Natalia ; Fernández-Urruzola, Igor ; Martínez, Ico ; Gómez, May 6JS2019 Southafrica-TTP.pdf.jpg
2019Food supply effects on the asexual reproduction and respiratory metabolism of Aurelia aurita polypsPurcell, Jennifer E.; Bondyale Juez, Daniel Rickue ; Romero-Kutzner, Vanesa ; Martínez, Ico ; Caprioli, Rosa; Tames-Espinosa, Mayte ; Almunia Portolés,Javier ; Alonso, Ester; Packard, Theodore Train ; Gómez, May 
2020Protein in marine plankton: A comparison of spectrophotometric methodsMartínez Sánchez, Ico ; Herrera Ulibarri, Alicia ; Tames Espinosa, Maria Teresa ; Bondyale Juez, Daniel Rickue ; Romero Kutzner, Vanesa ; Packard, Theodore Train ; Gómez Cabrera, María Milagrosa 
2020Metabolic Responses of Subtropical Microplankton After a Simulated Deep-Water Upwelling Event Suggest a Possible Dominance of Mixotrophy Under Increasing CO2 LevelsTames Espinosa, Maria Teresa ; Martínez Sánchez, Ico ; Romero Kutzner, Vanesa ; Coca Saenz De Albéniz, Josep ; Algueró-Muñiz, María; Horn, Henriette G.; Ludwig, Andrea; Taucher, Jan; Bach, Lennart; Riebesell, Ulf; Packard, Theodore Train ; Gómez Cabrera, María Milagrosa metabolicresponsessubtropical.pdf.jpg