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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018An analysis of key process parameters for hybrid manufacturing by material extrusion and CNC machiningPaz, Rubén ; Santamarta, Javier; Monzón, Mario D. ; García Montagut, Carlos Joshua ; Pei, Eujin
2019Characterization of Agave americana L. plant as potential source of fibres for composites obtainingOrtega, Zaida ; Castellano, Jessica; Suarez, Luis ; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Diaz, Noelia ; Benítez, Antonio N. ; Marrero, Maria D.
2019Comparison of different cellular structures for the design of selective laser melting parts through the application of a new lightweight parametric optimisation methodPaz, Rubén ; Monzón, Mario D. ; Bertrand, Philippe; Sova, Alexey
2019Cráneos con traumas craneoencefálicos obtenidos mediante fabricación aditiva para fines didácticos en neurocirugíaGarcía Montagut, Carlos Joshua ; Monzón Verona, Mario D. ; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Pumar Carreras, Maria Nayra ; Ruiz Alzola, Juan ; Sanmartín Almeida, Jose
2019Experimental analysis and simulation of novel technical textile reinforced composite of banana fibreMonzón Verona, Mario Domingo ; Paz Hernández, Rubén ; Verdaguer, Martí; Suárez, Luis; Badalló, Pere; Ortega Medina, Zaida Cristina ; Diaz, Noelia 
2019Optimization methodology for the material assignation in bioprinted scaffolds to achieve the desired stiffness over timePaz, Rubén ; Monzon, Mario D. 
2019In vitro model of the glial scarFang, Ao; Hao, Zhiyan; Wang, Ling; Li, Dichen; He, Jiankang; Gao, Lin; Mao, Xinggang; Paz Hernández, Rubén