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1996The diadenosine polyphosphate receptors: P2D purinoceptorsMiras-Portugal, M. Teresa; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Mateo, Jesus; Pintor, Jesus
1998Ca<sup>2+</sup>signals mediated by P2X-type purinoceptors in cultured cerebellar Purkinje cellsMateo, Jesús; García-Lecea, Marta; Miras-Portugal, M. Teresa; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique 
1998Potentiation of adenosine 5′-triphosphate calcium responses by diadenosine pentaphosphate in individual rat cerebellar astrocytesJiménez, Ana I.; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Delicado, Esmerilda G.; Miras-Portugal, M. Teresa
2000Presynaptic signalling mediated by mono- and dinucleotides in the central nervous systemMiras-Portugal, M. Teresa; Díaz-Hernández, Miguel; Gomez-Villafuerte, Rosa; Gualix, Javier; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Pintor, Jesús
2001Adenosine triphosphate and diadenosine pentaphosphate induce [Ca2+]i increase in rat basal ganglia aminergic terminalsGiraldez, Lisandro; Díaz-Hernández, Miguel; Gómez-Villafuertes, Rosa; Pintor, Jesus; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Miras-Portugal, M. Teresa
2002Co-localisation of functional nicotinic and ionotropic nucleotide receptors in isolated cholinergic synaptic terminalsDíaz-Hernández, Miguel; Pintor, Jesús; Castro López-Tarruella, Enrique ; Miras-Portugal, M. Teresa