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2014Solar radiation modelling for the estimation of the solar energy generationHernández-Travieso, Jose G.; Travieso, Carlos M. ; Alonso, Jesús B. ; Dutta, Malay Kishore
2017Temperature control by its forecasting applying score fusion for sustainable developmentHernández-Travieso, José Gustavo; Herrera-Jiménez, Antonio L.; Travieso-González, Carlos M. ; Morgado-Dias, F.; Alonso-Hernández, Jesús B. ; Ravelo-García, Antonio G. Temperature_control.pdf.jpg
2019Modeling a robust wind-speed forecasting to apply to wind-energy productionHernández-Travieso, José Gustavo; Travieso-González, Carlos M. ; Alonso-Hernández, Jesús B. ; Canino-Rodríguez, José Miguel ; Ravelo-García, Antonio G.