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1988Analysis of the organogenetic potential of calli of three Canary Island Lycopersicon esculentum land racesGarcia-Blairsy Reina, Guillermo ; Luque, Angel Artículo
1988Selection for NaCl Tolerance in Cell Culture of Three Canary Island Tomato Land Races. I. Recovery of Tolerant Plantlets from NaCl-Tolerant Cell StrainsGarcia-Blairsy Reina, Guillermo ; Moreno, V.; Luque, A. Artículo
1988Selection for NaCl Tolerance in Cell Culture of Three Canary Island Tomato Land Races. II. Inorganic Ion Content in Tolerant Calli and SomaclonesGarcia-Blairsy Reina, Guillermo ; Moreno, V.; Luque, A. Artículo
1988Biotecnología del cultivo in vitro de algas rojas (Rhodophyta) de interes industrialRobaina Romero, Rafael Tesis doctoral1096.pdf.jpg
1990The effects of the physical characteristics of the culture medium on the development of red seaweeds in tissue cultureRobaina Romero, Rafael ; García Reina, Guillermo ; Luque-Escalona, Angel Artículo2160.pdf.jpg
1991Actual, potential and speculative applications of seaweed cellular biotechnology: some specific comments on GelidiumGarcía-Reina, Guillermo ; Gómez-Pinchetti, J. L. ; Robledo, D. R.; Sosa, P. Artículo
1991Estudio de la variabilidad y diferenciación genética de Gelidium Arbuscula, Gelidium Canariensis y Graciliaria Ferox por Electroforesis IsoenzimáticaSosa Henríquez, Pedro Antonio Tesis doctoral881.pdf.jpg
1992Protoplast isolation from ulva rigida (Chlorophyta)Björk, Mats; Pedersón, Marianne ; GÓmez-Pinchetti, Juan Luis ; Garcia-Blairsy Reina, Guillermo Artículo
1992Genetic variability and differentiation of sporophytes and gametophytes in populations of Gelidium arbuscula (Gelidiaceae: Rhodophyta) determined by isozyme electrophoresisSosa, P. A. ; García-Reina, G. Artículo
1992Osmotic-Adjustment In The Cyanobacterium Spirulina-Platensis - Presence Of An Alpha-GlucosidaseMartel Quintana, Antera ; Yu, S; García-Reina, Guillermo ; Lindblad, P; Pedersen, MArtículo
1992Role Of Carbonic-Anhydrase In Photosynthesis And Inorganic-Carbon Assimilation In The Red Alga Gracilaria-TenuistipitataHaglund, K; Bjork, M; Ramazanov, Z; García-Reina, Guillermo ; Pedersen, MArtículo
1992Inorganic-Carbon Assimilation In The Green Seaweed Ulva-Rigida C-Ag (Chlorophyta)Bjork, M; Haglund, K; Ramazanov, Z; García Reina, Guillermo ; Pedersen, MArtículo
1992Photosynthetic characteristics of Dunaliella salina (Chlorophyceae, Dunaliellales) in relation to β-carotene contentGómez-Pinchetti, Juan Luis ; Ramazanov, Ziyadin; Fontes, Agustín; García-Reina, Guillermo Artículo
1992Effect of inhibitors of carbonic anhydrase activity on photosynthesis in the red alga Soliera filiformis (Gigartinales: Rhodophyta)Gómez-Pinchetti, J. L. ; Ramazanov, Z.; García-Reina, Guillermo Artículo
1993Physiological comparison between gametophytes and tetrasporophytes of Gelidium canariensis (Gelidiaceae: Rhodophyta)Sosa, P. A. ; del Río Jiménez, M.; García-Reina, G. Artículo
1993Subcellular immuno‐localization, amino acid composition and partial amino acid sequences of α‐l,4‐glucan phosphorylase of Gracilaria spp (Rhodophyta)Yu, S.; Gómez‐Pinchetti, J. ‐L ; Garcia-Blairsy Reina, Guillermo ; Ek, B.; Pedersén, M.Artículo
1993Enzymes from marine phycophages that degrade cell walls of seaweedsGómez-Pinchetti, J. L. ; Garcia-Blairsy Reina, Guillermo Artículo
1993Apical Callus Formation In Solieria-Filiformis (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta) Cultured In TanksRobledo, Daniel ; García-Reina, Guillermo Artículo
1993Ornithine cycle in Nostoc PCC 73102. Arginase, OCT and arginine deiminase, and the effects of addition of external arginine, ornithine, or citrullineMartel, Antera ; Jansson, Eva; García-Reina, Guillermo ; Lindblad, PeterArtículo
1993Factors affecting protoplast yield of the carrageenophyte Solieria filiformis (Gigartinales, Rhodophyta)Pinchetti, Juan Luis Gómez ; Björk, Mats; Pedersén, Marianne; Reina, Guillermo García Artículo