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2019Liquefied Sunshine: Transforming Renewables into Fertilizers and Energy Carriers with ElectromaterialsMacFarlane, Douglas R.; Choi, Jaecheol; Suryanto, Bryan H. R.; Jalili, Rouhollah; Chatti, Manjunath; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Simonov, Alexandr N.
2020A conceptual DFT study of phosphonate dimers: dianions supported by H-BondsAzofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Elguero, José; Alkorta, Ibon
2020Manganese-Catalyzed Regioselective Dehydrogenative C- versus N-Alkylation Enabled by a Solvent Switch: Experiment and ComputationBorghs, Jannik C.; Zubar, Viktoriia; Azofra Mesa, Luis Miguel ; Sklyaruk, Jan; Rueping, Magnus