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1999Fluorescence determination of polychlorinated dibenzofurans with a multilayer artificial neural networkGarcía Báez, Patricio ; Suarez Araujo, C. P. ; Eiguren Fernández, A.; Santana Rodríguez, J.J. Actas de congresos0216256_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
1999Spectrofluorimetric identification of polychlorinated biphenyls using an unsupervised modular artificial neural networkGarcía Báez, P. ; Suárez Araujo, C. P. ; Santana-Rodríguez, J. J. ; Hernández García, J.Artículo
2001Extension of HUMANN for dealing with noise and with classes of different shape and size: a parametric studyGarcía Báez, Patricio ; Araujo, Carmen Paz Suárez ; López, Pablo Fernández Actas de congresos
2001Towards a model of volume transmission in biological and artificial neural networks: a CAST approachSuarez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; Lopez, Pablo Fernandez ; García Báez, Patricio Actas de congresos
2002A computational method for fluorescence determination of organochlorinated compounds of environmental interestBetancort Rodriguez,Juana Rosa ; García Báez, P. ; Santana Rodríguez, J.J. ; Suarez Araujo, C. P. Artículo
2003HUMANN-based computational neural system for the determination of pollutants using fluorescence measurementsSuárez Araujo, C. P. ; Santana Rodríguez, J.J. ; García Báez, P. ; Betancort Rodriguez,Juana Rosa Actas de congresos0494250_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
2003A parametric study of humann in relation to the noise: application for the identification of compounds of environmental interestGarcía Báez, Patricio ; López, Pablo Fernández ; Suárez Araujo, Carmen Paz Artículo
2003Diffusion associative network: diffusive hybrid neuromodulation and volume learningFernández López, P. ; Suarez Araujo, C. P. ; García Báez, Patricio ; Sanchez Martin, G.Artículo
2004Artificial neural networks in spectroscopy. ApplicationsHalko, R.; García Báez, Patricio ; Santana-Rodríguez, José Juan Actas de congresos4837.pdf.jpg
2005Humann : una nueva red neuronal artificial adaptativa, no supervisada, modular y jerárquica : aplicaciones en neurociencia y medioambienteGarcía Báez, Patricio Tesis doctoral1400.pdf.jpg
2005Study of nitric oxide effect in the hebbian learning: towards a diffusive hebb's lawSuárez Araujo, C. P. ; Fernández López, P. ; García Báez, Patricio ; Regidor García,José Actas de congresos
2007Automatic prognostic determination and evolution of cognitive decline using artificial neural networksGarcía Báez, Patricio ; Suárez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; Fernández Viadero,Carlos ; Regidor García,José Actas de congresos
2008An ensemble approach for the diagnosis of cognitive decline with missing dataGarcia Baez, Patricio ; Fernández Viadero,Carlos ; Regidor García,José ; Suarez Araujo, Carmen Paz Actas de congresosAn_Ensemble_Approach_for_the_Diagnosis_of_Cognitive.pdf.jpg
2009Artificial intelligent systems based on supervised HUMANN for differential diagnosis of cognitive impairment: towards a 4P-HCDSGarcía Báez, Patricio ; Pérez Del Pino, Miguel Angel ; Fernández Viadero,Carlos ; Suárez Araujo, Carmen Paz Actas de congresos
2009HUMANN-based system to identify benzimidazole fungicides using multi-synchronous fluorescence spectra: an ensemble approachSuárez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; García Báez, Patricio ; Sánchez Rodríguez, Álvaro; Santana Rodríguez, José Juan Artículo
2009A computational study of the diffuse neighbourhoods in biological and artificial neural networksFernández López, P. ; Suárez Araujo, C. P. ; García Báez, P. Actas de congresoscomputational_study_of_the_diffuse_neighbourhoods.pdf.jpg
2010Neural computation methods in the determination of fungicidesSuarez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; García Báez, Patricio ; Hernandez Trujillo, YarideCapítulo de libroneural_computation_methods_in_the determination_of_fungicides.pdf.jpg
2010Towards self-organizing maps based Computational Intelligent system for Denial of Service Attacks DetectionPérez Del Pino, M. A. ; García Báez, P. ; Fernández López, P. ; Suárez Araújo, C. P. Actas de congresos
2010GaNEn: a new gating neural ensemble for automatic assessment of the severity level of dementia using neuropsychological testsSuárez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; García Báez, Patricio ; Fernández Viadero, CarlosActas de congresos
2011Artificial neural networks in Alzheimer's diagnosis: a perspectiveGarcía Báez, Patricio ; Suárez Araujo, Carmen Paz ; García, José Manuel MartínezArtículo