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2018Adsorption rate study of persistent organic pollutants in function of physical and chemical degradation of marine microplasticsAbaroa Pérez, Bárbara Yolanda ; Vega Moreno, Daura ; Hernández Brito, José Joaquín Actas de congresosadsorptionratestudy.pdf.jpg
2018Microplastics at the first 200 meters of the water column in the Atlantic OceanVega Moreno, Daura ; Abaroa Pérez, Bárbara Yolanda ; Hernández Brito, José Joaquín Actas de congresosMicroplastics200meters.pdf.jpg
2021Solid-Liquid-Liquid Microextraction (μSLLE) Method for Determining Persistent Pollutants in MicroplasticsAbaroa Pérez, Bárbara Yolanda ; Caballero-Martel, A. E.; Hernández-Brito, J. J.; Vega-Moreno, D. Artículo