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1970Effect of Growth Hormone on Glucose, Nonesterified Fatty Acid and Insulin Levels, and on Glucose Utilization in Dairy CalvesHead, H. H.; Ventura, M. ; Webb, D. W.; Wilcox, C. J.
1988Effects of a New Multielement Buffer on Production, Ruminal Environment, and Blood Minerals of Lactating Dairy CowsStaples, C. R.; Emanuele, S. M.; Ventura, M. ; Beede, D. K.; Schricker, B. R.
1994Nutritional value of seaweed (Ulva rigida) for poultryVentura, M. R. ; Castañon, J. I R ; McNab, J. M.
1997Valor nutritivo de arbustos forrajeros canariosRodríguez Ventura, Myriam 
1998The nutritive value of seaweed (Ulva lactuca) for goatsVentura, M. R. ; Castañón, J. I.R. 
1998Nutritive value of banana (Musa acuminata L.) fruits for ruminantsPieltain, M. C.; Castañón, J. I.R. ; Ventura, M. R. ; Flores, M. P. 
1999The nutritive value of banana (Musa acuminata L.) by-products for maintaining goatsPieltain, M. C.; Castañón, J. I.R. ; Ventura, M. R. ; Flores, M. P. 
2000Influence of alkaloid content on intake of subspecies of Chamaecytisus proliferusVentura, M. R. ; Castanon, J. I R ; Muzquiz, M.; Mendez, P.; Flores, M. P. 
2002Chemical composition and digestibility of Tagasaste (Chamaecytisus proliferus) subspecies for goatsVentura, M. R. ; Castañón, J. I.R. ; Rey, L.; Flores, M. P. 
2004Nutritive value of forage shrubs: Bituminaria bituminosa, Rumex lunaria, Acacia salicina, Cassia sturtii and Adenocorpus foliosusVentura, M. R. ; Castañón, J. I.R. ; Pieltain, M. C.; Flores, M. P. 
2009Evaluation of tomato crop by-products as feed for goatsVentura, M. R. ; Pieltain, M. C.; Castanon, J. I.R. 
2009Effect of season on tedera (Bituminaria bituminosa) intake by goatsVentura, M. R. ; Castanon, J. I.R. ; Mendez, P.
2010Effect of low-forage rations on milk production of dairy goats: Separate concentrate-forage versus mixed rationsMonzón-Gil, Elizardo; Castañón, José I R ; Ventura, Myriam R. 
2016Tannin content and chemical composition of unconventional and conventional feed for ruminantsGil, Vanessa; Rey, Luis; Barberá, Marta; Castañón, José I.R. ; Ventura, Myriam R. Tannin_content_chemical.pdf.jpg
2017MACAROMOD: A tool to model particulate waste dispersion and benthic impact from offshore sea-cage aquaculture in the Macaronesian regionRiera, Rodrigo; Pérez, Óscar; Cromey, Chris; Rodríguez, Myriam ; Ramos, Eva; Álvarez, Omar; Domínguez, Julián; Monterroso, Óscar; Tuya, Fernando 
2017Serological survey of antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii and Neospora caninium in goat population in Canary Islands (Macaronesia Archipelago, Spain)Rodriguez-Ponce, Eligia ; Conde de Felipe, M.M.; Corbera, J. A. ; Jaber, José Raduan ; Rodríguez Ventura, Myriam ; Gutierrez, C. 
2018Germination characteristics of tedera (bituminaria bituminosa var bituminosa)Barberá, Marta; Flores, María P.; Castañón Rodríguez, José Ignacio ; Diaz-Avila, Erik; Rodríguez Ventura, Myriam Germination_characteristics_tedera.pdf.jpg
2018Effects of replacing rye-grass (Lolium spp.) hay by banana (Musa acuminata L.) by-products on feed intake, growth, and feed conversion rate of Canary hair sheep breed (Pelibuey) lambsBarbera, M.; Jaber, J. R. ; Ahmed-Salek, S.; Ravelo-Garcia, A. ; Rodríguez-Ponce, E. ; Rey, L.; Ventura, M. R. 
2019Immunological and pathological investigations of non-specific reactive hepatitis in shelter dogsJaber Mohamad, Jose Raduan ; Velázquez-Wallraf, Alicia S.; Farray, David; Ravelo García, Antonio Gabriel ; Carrascosa Iruzubieta, Conrado Javier ; Rodríguez Ventura, Myriam ; Perez, JoseImmunological_pathological_investigations_reactive _hepatitis_dogs.pdf.jpg
2019Phenolic and tannin compounds in subtropical shrubs (Bituminaria bituminosa, Chamaecytisus proliferus, and Adenocarpus foliosus) and the effects on in vitro digestibilityVentura, M. R. ; Bastianelli, D.; Deniz, S.; Saavedra, P.; Rey, L.; Bonnal, L.; González-García, E.