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2002El platonismo en la fantasía de Clive Staples LewisHernández-Guerra, Conchi 1204.pdf.jpg
2004Apuntes historiográficos sobre la lingüística cognitiva: sus orígenes, características y máximos defensoresHernández Guerra, Concepción 
2004Medieval world in clive staples Lewi's workHernández-Guerra, Conchi 0234349_00010_0016.pdf.jpg
2006Puntos fuertes y débiles en la enseñanza de la traducción de textos científico-técnicosHernández Guerra, Concepción 
2008Discoursive analysis and pragmatic metadiscourse in four sub-areas of Economics research articlesHernández Guerra, Concepción ; Hernández Guerra, Juan M. Dialnet-DiscoursiveAnalysisAndPragmaticMetadiscourseInFour-2773176.pdf.jpg
2011Rhetorical And Metatextual Features In Political Discourse: The Case Of Obama'S Speech On RaceHernández Guerra, Concepción 
2011The representation of the Canaries to the English-speaking world: an analysis of the discourses used in tourist textsHernández Guerra, Concepción ; Mulligan, Maureen Dialnet-TheRepresentationOfTheCanariesToTheEnglishspeaking-3662497.pdf.jpg
2011La mujer en la obra de ShakespeareMulligan, Maureen ; Hernández Guerra, Concepción 
2012Political discourse in recent decades in the Unites States: from Kennedy to ObamaHernández Guerra, Concepción 
2013Textual, intertextual and rhetorical features in political discourse: the case of president Obama in EuropeHernández Guerra, Concepción Dialnet-TextualIntertextualAndRhetoricalFeaturesInPolitica-4778189.pdf.jpg
2014An overview of the approaches and methods for analysing a text from a discursive viewpointHernández Guerra, Concepción Dialnet-AnOverviewOfTheApproachesAndMethodsForAnalysingATe-6354607.pdf.jpg
2017Academic ESP oral production: moving forward towards local and global awarenessGarcía-Sánchez, Soraya ; Hernández-Guerra, Conchi