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1989Influence of the north trade winds on the biomass and production of neritic plankton around Gran Canaria islandAristegui, J. ; Hernández-León, Santiago ; Gómez, May ; Medina, L.; Ojeda, O.; Torres, S. 2007.pdf.jpg
1991Biomasa y actividad metabólica del zooplancton en relación con un efecto de masa de isla en aguas de Gran CanariaGómez, May 879.pdf.jpg
1992Zooplankton oxygen consumption and nutrient release in relation to species composition, animals size and enviromental conditions in the Baltic Sea during May and AugustPostel, L.; Hernández-León, Santiago ; Gómez, May ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago ; Mikkat, U.; Portillo Hahnefeld, Agustín0348205_00000_0000.pdf.jpg
1994Environmental Description Of An Artificial Reef Site In Gran-Canaria (Canary-Islands, Spain) Prior To Reef PlacementHaroun, R. J. ; Gómez, M. ; Hernández Brito, José Joaquín ; Herrera, R; Montero, D ; Moreno, T; Portillo, A; Torres Padrón, María Esther ; Soler Onis,Emilio Environmental Description of.pdf.jpg
1996Modification of the electron transport system (ETS) method for routine measurements of respiratory rates of zooplanktonGomez, M ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago ; Hernzández-León, S. 
1996Factors affecting the respiration/ETS ratio in marine zooplanktonHernández-León, Santiago ; Gomez, M 
1997Manual de transparencias de zoología marinaGómez, May Tomo I.pdf.jpg
1998Estudio de la comunidad mesozooplanctónica en relación a un efecto de isla en aguas de Gran CanariaHernández-León, Santiago ; Gómez, May 1396.pdf.jpg
1998Mesozooplankton metabolism and its effect on chlorophyll and primary production in slope waters of the Canary IslandsHernandez-León, S. ; Arístegui, J. ; Gómez, May ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago ; Almeida, C. ; Montero, M. F. ; Ojeda, A. 
1999Large-scale and mesoscale distribution of plankton biomass and metabolic activity in the Northeastern Central AtlanticHernández-León, Santiago ; Gómez, May ; Aristegui, J. ; Montero del Pino, María F. ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago ; Almeida Peña, Carlos ; Kühner, Eugen ; Brenning, Ullrich ; Hagen, Eberhard1091.pdf.jpg
1999Biomass and metabolism of zooplankton in the Bransfield Strait (Antarctic Peninsula) during austral springHernández-León, S. ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago ; Gomez, M ; Montero, I.; Almeida, C. 
2000Manual de prácticas de zoología marinaGómez, May ; Hernandez-Cruz, C.M ; Gómez-Pinchetti, Juan Luis 
2000Biomass and potential feeding, respiration and growth of zooplankton in the Bransfield Strait (Antarctic Peninsula) during austral summerHernandez-Leon, S. ; Almeida, C. ; Portillo-Hahnefeld, A.; Gomez, M ; Montero, I.
2001The seasonal planktonic cycle in coastal waters of the Canary IslandsArístegui, J. ; Hernández-León, S. ; Montero, M. F. ; Gomez, M 1214.pdf.jpg
2001Zooplankton biomass and indices of feeding and metabolism in island-generated eddies around Gran CanariaHernández-León, S. ; Almeida, C. ; Gomez, M ; Torres Curbelo, Santiago ; Montero, I.; Portillo-Hahnefeld, A.
2001Vertical distribution of zooplankton in Canary Island waters: Implications for export fluxHernández-León, Santiago ; Gomez, M ; Pagazaurtundua, María; Portillo-Hahnefeld, Agustín; Montero, Irene; Almeida, Carlos 
2001Flow cytometry of cell proliferation through the incorporation of bromodeoxyuridine as an index of growth rate in the water flea, Daphnia magna (Crustacea, Cladocera)Gomez, M ; Mayo, I; Torres Curbelo, Santiago 
2002El Sistema de la Corriente de CanariasHernández-León, Santiago ; Gómez, May ; Aristegui, J. ; Almeida Peña, Carlos 2579.pdf.jpg
2002Zooplankton biomass and indices of feeding and metabolism in relation to an upwelling filament off northwest AfricaHernández-León, S. ; Almeida, C. ; Portillo-Hahnefeld, A.; Gomez, M ; Rodríguez, J. M.; Arístegui, J. 
2007Mesozooplankton in the Canary Current System: The coastal-ocean transition zoneHernández-León, Santiago ; Gomez, May ; Arístegui, Javier