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1992Acute renal failure following bone marrow transplantation: Our experience in 243 transplanted patientsGarcia Canton, C. ; Gruss, E.; Berberana, M.; Figuera, A.; Bernis, C., et alArtículo
1992Clinical relevance of acute renal failure in cyclosporine treated patients liver transplantationGarcia Canton, C. ; Morales, J. M.; Fernandez-Zatarain, G.; Andres, A.; Sanchez, R., et alArtículo
1992Somatostatin analogue SMS 201-995 effects on the cirrotic kidneyBernis, C.; Robledo, P.; Gomez-Pan, A.; Garcia-Canton, C. ; Rincon, B., et alArtículo
1992Effect of family environment on adaptation to the hemodialysis program in patients with chronic renal insufficiencyGarcía-Camba, E.; Barril Cuadrado, G.; Bernis Carro, C.; Alvarez Chivas, V.; García Cantón, C. , et alArtículo
1993Partial purification of a renotropic activity from plasma of uninephrectomized human subjectsGarcia-Ocana, A.; Ortega, J.; Gonzalez-Garcia, Y.; Garcia-Canton, C. ; Esbrit, P.Artículo
1994Effect of dialysate buffer on acid-base status and organic anions in acetate biofiltration and bicarbonate hemodialysisHernandez-Jaras, J.; Estrada, A.; Garcia-Canton, C. ; Traver, J. A.Artículo
1995Acute renal failure in patients following bone marrow transplantation: Prevalence, risk factors and outcomeGruss, Enrique; Bernis, Carmen; Tomas, Jose Francisco; Garcia-Canton, Cesar ; Figuera, Angela, et alArtículo
1995Reversible acute renal failure caused by the combined use of foscarnet and cyclosporin in organ transplanted patientsMorales, J. M.; Muñoz, M. A.; Fernández Zataraín, G.; García Cantón, C. ; García Rubiales, M. A., et alArtículo
1996Evolution of anemia of chronic renal failure after the treatment of hyperparathyroidismGarcia-Canton, C. ; Palomar, R.; Moreno, A.; Toledo, A.; Suria, S., et alArtículo
1997Acute renal failure associated with rhabdomyolysis in a patient with Salmonella enteritidis infectionPalomar Fontanet, M. R.; Garcia-Canton, C. ; Moreno, A.; Toledo, A.; Rossique, P., et alArtículo
1998Automated peritoneal dialysis: a Spanish multicentre studyFernández Rodríguez, Ana María; Vega-Díaz, Nicanor ; Palop Cubillo, Leocadia; Teixidó Plana, Josep; Guerrero Riscos, María A., et alArtículoAutomated_peritoneal_dialysis.pdf.jpg
1998Hydrothorax in peritoneal dialysis. Effective treatment with pleurodesis [5]Moreno, A.; Suria, S.; Perez-Valentin, M. A.; Toledo, A.; Esparza, N., et alComentario
1999Spurious hepatitis B surface antigen detection in adult haemodialysis patients following vaccination (multiple letters)Esparza, N.; Moreno, A.; Toledo, A.; Suria, S.; Rossique, P., et alComentarioSpurious_hepatitis B.pdf.jpg
1999Hepatitis B vaccination: Another parenteral source of aluminum loading in hemodialysis patientsMoreno, A.; Esparza, N.; Toledo, A.; Suria, S.; Rossique, P., et alArtículo
2000Goodpasture's syndrome treated with mycophenolate mofetilGarcia-Cantón, C. ; Toledo, A.; Palomar, R.; Fernandez, F.; Lopez, J., et alComentario
2006Impact of end-stage renal disease care in planned dialysis start and type of renal replacement therapy - A Spanish multicentre experienceMarrón, Belén; Ortiz, Alberto; de Sequera, Patricia; Martín-Reyes, Guillermo; de Arriba, Gabriel, et alArtículo
2007Severe methanol and tolueno poisoning: A case reportSantana Cabrera, Luciano; García Cantón, C. ; Martínez Cuéllar, S.; Sánchez Palacios, M.Comentario
201025 hydroxyvitamin D levels and cardiovascular risk in a cohort of patients with chronic kidney diseaseGarcía-Cantón, C. ; Bosch, E.; Auyanet, I.; Ramírez, A.; Rossique, P., et alArtículo
2011Surveillance for infections and other adverse events in dialysis patients in southern Gran CanariaQuori, A.; Baamonde-Laborda, E.; García-Cantón, C. ; Lago-Alonso, M. M.; Toledo-González, A., et alArtículo
2011Vascular calcification and 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels in non-dialysis patients with chronic kidney disease stages 4 and 5García-Canton, Cesar ; Bosch, Elvira; Ramírez, Ana; Gonzalez, Yeray; Auyanet, Ingrid, et alArtículo