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1986An Outbreak Of Encephalitis In Pigeons (Columba-Livia) In The Canary-Islands (Spain)Carranza, J.; Poveda, J. B. ; Fernández, A. Artículo
1986Ultrastructural Modifications of the Cavities Formed by Folliculostellate Cells in Chicken Adenohypophysis under Septic Shock ConditionsFernáNdez, A. J. ; Sierra, Ma ; MéNdez, A.; Mozos, E.; Carrasco, L., et alArtículo
1987Isolation of Mycoplasma Synoviae from the red-legged partridge (Alectoris rufa)Poveda, J. B. ; Fernandez, A. ; Carranza, J.; Hermoso, M.; Perea, J. A.ArtículoIsolation_Mycoplasma_synoviae_red_legged.pdf.jpg
1987Morphopathology of the adenohypophysis of chickens in shock induced by Escherichia coliFernández, A. ; Gazquez, A.; Méndez, A.; Mozos, E.; Jover, A.Artículo
1988Seis años con pacientes diabéticos en DPCARodriguez Perez, J. C. ; Vega, N.; Plaza, C.; Palop, L.; Fernández Rodríguez, Antonio Jesús Artículo1988_10_1_35_39.pdf.jpg
1989Viral-Antigen Distribution In The Central Nervous-System Of Cattle Persistently Infected With Bovine Viral Diarrhea VirusFernandez, A ; Hewicker, M; Trautwein, G; Pohlenz, J; Liess, BArtículo
1989Experimental African Swine Fever - Evidence Of The Virus In Interstitial Tissues Of The KidneySierra, Ma ; Quezada, M; Fernandez, A ; Carrasco, L; Gomezvillamandos, Jc, et alArtículo
1989Immunohistological identification of both infectious bursal and Marek virus antigens in the bursa of FabriciusFernández, A. ; Martín de las Mulas, J.; Sierra, M. A. ; Carranza, J.; Jover, A.Artículo
1990Immunohistological detection of bovine viral diarrhoea virus antigen in the central nervous system of persistently infected cattle using monoclonal antibodiesHewicker, M.; Wöhrmann, T.; Fernandez, A. ; Trautwein, G.; Liess, B., et alArtículo
1990Cryptosporidiosis in chickens from southern SpainFernández, A. ; Quezada, M.; Gómez, M. A.; Navarro, J. A.; Rodríguez, J., et alArtículo
1990Immunohistochemical demonstration of Mycoplasma gallinarum and Myoplasma gallinaceum in naturally infected hen oviductsMartin De Las Mulas, J.; Fernandez, A. ; Sierra, M. A.; Poveda, J. B. ; Carranza, J.Artículo
1990Immunohistological Detection Of Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus-Antigen In The Central-Nervous-System Of Persistently Infected Cattle Using Monoclonal-AntibodiesHewicker, M; Wohrmann, T; Fernandez, A ; Trautwein, G; Liess, B, et alArtículo
1990Immunohistochemical Demonstration Of Mycoplasma-Gallinarum And Mycoplasma-Gallinaceum In Naturally Infected Hen OviductsMulas, Jmd; Fernandez, A ; Sierra, Ma ; Poveda, Jb ; Carranza, JArtículo
1990An Epizootiological Study of Avian Mycoplasmas in Southern SpainFernandez, A. ; Poveda, J. B. ; Carranza, J.; Miranda, A.; Garrido, A., et alArtículo
1990Isolation of mycoplasmas from a buzzard, falcons and vulturesPoveda, J. B. ; Fernandez, A. ; Giebel, J.; Fernandez, A Artículo
1991Simultaneous Inclusion Body Hepatitis And Pox Lesions In 2 PigeonsGomezvillamandos, Jc; Sierra, Ma ; Fernandez, A ; Carrasco, L; Jover, AArtículo
1991Pulmonary Intravascular Macrophages In Rabbits Experimentally Infected With Rabbit Hemorrhagic-DiseaseCarrasco, L; Rodriguez, F; Mulas, Jmd; Sierra, Ma ; Gomezvillamandos, Jc, et alArtículo
1991Caprine Peripheral Neuroblastomas - Structural And Ultrastructural Features, Intermediate Filaments Profile And Neuroendocrine CharacterizationDelasmulas, Jm; Vos, Jh; Fernandez, A ; Carrasco, L; Mozos, E, et alArtículo
1991Immunohistological Diagnosis Of Rabbit Hemorrhagic-Disease In Experimentally Infected-Rabbits In SpainCarrasco, L; Rodriguez, F; Delasmulas, Jm; Wohlsein, P; Fernandez, A Artículo
1991Invivo Study Of Hemadsorption In African Swine Fever Virus-Infected CellsSierra, Ma ; Gomezvillamandos, Jc; Carrasco, L; Fernandez, A ; Mozos, E, et alArtículo