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2004Invasive infection due to Aspergillus terreus treated successfully with liposomal anphotericin BSuárez Ortega, Saturnino; Campos-Herrero Navas, Ma I. ; Limeres González, M. A. ; Díaz López, F.; Zarzalejos Andes, J. M., et alArtículo
2004Digestive bleeding as the clinical presentation of disseminated renal-cell cancer with gastric metastasesSuárez-Ortega, S.; Limeres-González, M. A. ; Rodríguez-Fernández, J. M.; Rivero, J. C.; Santamaría, P., et alArtículo
2006Epirubicin, cyclophosphamide and weekly paclitaxel as neoadjuvant chemotherapy for stage II and III breast cancerAguiar Bujanda, David; Bohn Sarmiento, Uriel; Cabrera Suárez, Miguel Ángel; Pavcovich Ruiz, Marta; Limeres González, Miguel Ángel , et alArtículo
2009Primary cutaneous CD4+ small/medium-sized pleomorphic T-cell lymphoma expresses follicular T-cell markersRodríguez Pinilla, Socorro Maria; Roncador, Giovanna; Rodríguez-Peralto, Jose Luis; Mollejo, Manuela; García, Juan Fernando, et alArtículo
2009Cutaneous lymphoid perivascular reaction with atypical CD30+ T cells in a patient with multiple myeloma treated with bortezomibDehesa, L.; Bastida, J.; Limeres-González, M. ; Campos-Adsuar, C.; Gómez-Duaso, J.Comentario
2014Treatment of gastric marginal zone B-cell lymphoma of the mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue with rituximab, cyclophosphamide, vincristine and prednisoneAguiar-Bujanda, David; Llorca-Mártinez, Ignacio; Rivero-Vera, José C.; Blanco-Sánchez, María J.; Jiménez-Gallego, Pedro, et alArtículo
2016Cutaneous and breast Langerhans cell sarcomaCastro-González, E.; Bastida, J.; Rivero-Vera, J. C.; Camacho-Galán, R.; Limeres-González, M. A. , et alComentario
2017Image Gallery: Metachronic occurrence of primary cutaneous marginal zone B-cell lymphoma and primary cutaneous Rosai–Dorfman disease in the same patientGonzález-Quesada, A.; Bastida, J.; Rivero-Vera, J. C.; Piris-Pinilla, M. A.; Limeres-González, M. A. Comentario
2017Early and sustained remission with brentuximab vedotin in a case of disseminated cutaneous relapse from systemic anaplastic large cell lymphoma refractory to chemotherapyAguiar-Bujanda, David; Dueñas-Comino, Arancha; Cabello, Camila; Bastida, Jesus; Rivero-Vera, José Carlos, et alComentario