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1989Fulminant hepatic insufficiencyGallardo, M.; Nofuentes, G.; Gómez, J. L.; Rodríguez, F. ; Cordón, A.; Gil, A.; Ibáñez, J.; Garijo, A.
1991Immunohistological Diagnosis of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease in Experimentally Infected Rabbits in SpainCarrasco, L.; Rodriguez, F. ; de las Mulas, J. Martin; Wohlsein, P.; Fernandez, A.
1991Pulmonary intravascular macrophages in rabbits experimentally infected with rabbit haemorrhagic diseaseCarrasco, L.; Rodriguez, F. ; de las Mulas, J. Martin; Sierra, M. A.; Gómez-Villamandos, J. C.; Fernández, A.
1993Community participation in health at the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social in JaliscoRasmussen-Cruz, B.; Hidalgo-San Martín, A.; Pérez, A.; Rodríguez, F. ; López, J.; Márquez, S.; Munguía, S.; Magallón, R.; González, E.
1994Characterization of the IgA and subclass IgG responses to neutralizing epitopes after infection of pregnant sows with the transmissible gastroenteritis virus or the antigenically related porcine respiratory coronavirusDe Diego, M.; Rodriguez, F. ; Alcaraz, C.; Gomez, N.; Alonso, C.; Escribano, J. M.
1994Detection of African swine fever virus protein VP73 in tissues of experimentally and naturally infected pigsPérez, José; Mulas, Juana Martín de Las; Gómez-Villamandos, José Carlos ; Sierra, Miguel Angel; Rodríguez, Francisco ; Fernández, Antonio 
1994Estudio inmunohistopatológico de la peste porcina africana experimental (aislado E75) en cerdos miniaturaRodríguez, F. 376.pdf.jpg
1995Metastatic pilomatrixoma associated with neurological signs in a dogRodríguez, F. ; Herráez, P. ; Rodríguez, E.; Gómez-Villamandos, J. C.; Espinosa de los Monteros, A.
1996Detection of Mycoplasma mycoides subspecies mycoides by monoclonal antibody-based sandwich ELISARodriguez, F. ; Ball, H. J.; Finlay, D.; Campbell, D.; Mackie, D. P.
1996Demonstration of rat CAR bacillus using a labelled streptavidin biotin (LSAB) methodOros, J ; Matsushita, Satoru; Rodríguez, José L.; Rodríguez, Francisco ; Fernandez, A 
1996Collagen dysplasia in a litter of Garafiano shepherd dogsRodríguez, F. ; Herráez, P. ; Espinosa De Los Monteros, A.; Calabuig, P.; Rodríguez, J. L.
1996Cholangiocarcinoma in a goatRodríguez, F. ; Herráez, P. ; Rodríguez, J. L.; Orós, J. ; Zaera, J. P.; Espinosa de los Monteros, A.
1996Enteritis associated with adenovirus-like particles in a Spanish kidOrós, J. ; Gómez-Villamandos, J. C.; Herráez, P. ; Rodríguez, F. ; Fernández, A. 
1996Pathological and immunohistochemical studies of natural and experimental Mycoplasma bovis pneumonia in calvesRodriguez, F. ; Bryson, D. G.; Ball, H. J.; Forster, F.
1996An immunohistochemical method of detecting Mycoplasma species antigens by use of monoclonal antibodies on paraffin sections of pneumonic bovine and caprine lungsRodriguez, F. ; Kennedy, S.; Bryson, T. D.G.; Fernandez, A ; Rodriguez, J. L.; Ball, H. J.
1996A pathological and immunohistochemical study of caprine pleuropneumonia induced by subspecies of Mycoplasma mycoidesRodriguez, J. L.; Oros, J. ; Rodriguez, F. ; Poveda, J. B. ; Ramirez, A. ; Fernandez, A. 
1996Ovine infectious keratoconjunctivitis caused by Mycoplasma agalactiaeRodríguez, J. L.; Poveda, JB ; Rodríguez, F. ; Espinosa De Los Monteros, A.; Ramirez, AS ; Fernandez, A 
1996African swine fever: Morphopathology of a viral haemorrhagic diseaseRodríguez, F. ; Fernández, A. ; Pérez, J.; Martín De Las Mulas, J.; Sierra, MA ; Jover, A.
1996Neuroaxonal dystrophy in two Siamese kitten littermatesRodríguez, F. ; De Los Monteras, A. Espinosa ; Morales, M.; Herráez, P. ; Jaber, J. R. ; Fernández, A. 
1996Immunohistopathological study of African swine fever (strain E-75)-infected bone marrowRodriguez, F. ; De las Mulas, J. M.; Herraez, P. ; Sanchez Vizcaino, J. M.; Fernandez, A.