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1994Reactive ion beam etching of indium phosphide in electron cyclotron resonance plasma using methane/hydrogen/nitrogen mixturesSendra, José Ramón ; Anguita, José
1995InP tunnel junctions grown by atomic layer molecular beam epitaxy on InP and InP-on-Si substratesDotor, M. L.; Golmayo, D.; Calle, A.; Sendra, J. R. ; Anguita, J. V.; Gonzalez, L.; Gonzalez, Y.; Briones, F.
1995Reactive ion beam etching of aluminum indium antimonide, gallium indium antimonide heterostructures in electron cyclotron resonance methane/hydrogen/ nitrogen/silicon tetrachloride discharges at room temperatureSendra, J. R. ; Anguita, J.; Pérez-Camacho, J. J.; Briones, F.
1996Optical study of InP etched in methane-based plasmas by reactive ion beam etchingSendra, José Ramón ; Armelles, Gaspar; Anguita, José
1996Resonant Raman scattering study of InSb etched by reactive ion beam etchingSendra, J. R. ; Armelles, G.; Utzmeier, T.; Anguita, J.; Briones, F.
1999Application of NIR laser diodes to pulse oximetrySilva, Sonnia M Lopez; Giannetti, Romano; Dotor, Maria L.; Sendra, Jose R. ; Silveira, Juan P.; Briones, Fernando
2000Optimization of the δ-doped layer in P-HFETs at medium/high temperaturesGonzález, B. ; Hernández, A.; García, J. ; Del Pino, J. ; Sendra, J. R. ; Nunez, A. 
2001NIR transmittance pulse oximetry system with laser diodesLópez Silva, Sonnia M.; Silveira, Juan P.; Sendra, Jose R. ; Giannetti, Romano; Dotor, Maria L.; Golmayo, Dolores
2002Modelado y aplicaciones de inductores integrados en tecnologías de silicioPino Suárez, Francisco Javier del 
2002Models and tools for CMOS integrated inductorsDel Pino, J. ; Sendra, J. R. ; Hernández, A.; Khemchandani, S. L. ; Aguilera, J.; González, B. ; García, J. ; Nunez, A. 
2002On silicon integrated inductor library design for wireless applicationsDel Pino, Javier ; Sendra, José R. ; Hernández, Antonio; García, Javier ; González, Benito ; Aguilera, Jaime; Hernández, Javier; De Nó, Joaquín; Nunez, Antonio 
2002Power model for DCFL familyGarcía, J. ; Hernández, A.; Del Pino, J. ; Sendra, J. R. ; González, B. ; Nunez, A. 
2002A novel geometry for circular series connected multilevel inductors for CMOS RF integrated circuitsAguilera, Jaime; Meléndez, Juan; Berenguer, Roc; Sendra, José Ramón ; Hernández, Antonio; Del Pino, Javier 
2003Noise reduction in high-specificity sensor based on surface plasmon resonanceEscuela, Alfonso M. ; Monagas, Jorge ; Sendra, Jose R. 
2003Temperature in HFETs when operating in DCGonzález, Benito ; Hernández, Antonio; García, Javier ; Del Pino, F. Javier ; Sendra, José R. ; Nunez, Antonio 
2003Empirical model of the metal losses in integrated inductorsDel Pino, J. ; García, J. ; González, B. ; Sendra, J. R. ; Hernández, A.; García-Alonso, A.; Nunez, A. 
2003PN junction integrated varactors for RF applications at different standard frequenciesGutierrez, I.; Garcia, J. ; Sainz, N.; Sendra, J. R. ; De No, J.; Hernandez, A.
2003Pigmented skin lesions by VIS-NIR reflectance spectroscopyChinea, M. Cordo; Sendra, J. R.Sendra ; Lopez Silva, S. M.; Ramirez, A. Viera
2004Characterization of extrinsic resistances in temperature behaviour modelling of InGaAs MODFETsGonzález, B. ; Hernández, A.; García, J. ; Del Pino, F. J. ; Sendra, J. R. ; Nunez, A. 
2004Inductores integrados planos sobre tecnologías de silicioPino Suárez, Francisco Javier del ; Sendra Sendra, José Ramón ; Hernández Ballester, Antonio ; González, B. ; García García, Javier ; Lalchand Khemchandani, Sunil ; Núñez Ordóñez, Antonio