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1978Loss Of Immunological And Biological-Activity Of Insulin With A Human Muscle ExtractHerrerajustiniano, E; Recio, F; Ferrer, C ; Diaz, M; Villamil, F; Aznar, A
1995Efficient Adaptive Vector Quantization of LPC ParametersFerrer-Ballester, Miguel A. ; Figueiras-Vidal, Anfbal R.
1999Handwritten digits parameterization for HMM based recognitionTravieso, Carlos M. ; Morales, Ciro R.; Alonso, Itziar G.; Ferrer, Miguel A. 
1999Signature classification by Hidden Markov ModelCamino, Jose L.; Travieso, Carlos M. ; Morales, Ciro R.; Ferrer, Miguel A. 
2000Estrategias para combinación de clasificadores de sencuencias temporalesAlonso-González, Itziar G. 
2000Improving generalization ability of HMM/NNs based classifiersFerrer, Miguel A. ; Alonso, Itziar G.; Travieso, Carlos M. ; Figueiras-Vidal, Anibal R.
2000Influence of initialisation and stop criteria on HMM based recognisersFerrer, M. A. ; Alonso, I. G.; Travieso, C. M. 
2001Automatic detection of pathologies in the voice by HOS based parametersAlonso, Jesus B. ; De Leon, José; Alonso, Itziar; Ferrer, Miguel A. 
2001Handwritten signatures recognizer by its envelope and strokes layout using HMM'sSánchez, J. A.; Travieso, C. M. ; Alonso, I. G.; Ferrer, M. A. 
2002Reconocimiento de formas manuscritas con modelos ocultos de MarkovTravieso-González, Carlos M. 
2002Biometric identification system by lip shapeGómez, Enrique; Travieso, Carlos M. ; Briceño, Juan C.; Ferrer, Miguel A. 
2003Automatic biometric identification system by hand geometryGonzález, Santiago; Travieso, Carlos M. ; Alonso, Jesús B. ; Ferrer, Miguel A. 
2004Parameterization of a forgery handwritten signature verification system using SVMMartínez, Luis E.; Travieso, Carlos M. ; Alonso, Jesús B. ; Ferrer, Miguel A. 
2004Biometric system based in the feature of hand palmDíaz, M. Rafael; Travieso, Carlos M. ; Alonso, Jesús B. ; Ferrer, Miguel A. 
2004Investigación sobre el reconocimiento automático foliar de la laurisilva canariaBriceño Lobo, Juan Carlos; Travieso-González, Carlos M. ; Alonso-Hernández, Jesús B. ; Ferrer Ballester, Miguel Ángel 
2004Facial identification using transformed domain by SVMTravieso, Carlos M. ; Alonso, Jesús B. ; Ferrer, Miguel A. 
2005Offline geometric parameters for automatic signature verification using fixed-point arithmeticFerrer, Miguel A. ; Alonso, Jesús B. ; Travieso, Carlos M. 
2005Image processing techniques for braille writing recognitionFalcón, Néstor; Travieso, Carlos M. ; Alonso, Jesús B. ; Ferrer, Miguel A. 
2005Support vector machines applied to the detection of voice disordersGodino-Llorente, Juan Ignacio; Gomez-Vilda, Pedro; Sáenz-Lechón, Nicolas; Blanco-Velasco, Manuel; Cruz-Roldán, Fernando; Ferrer-Ballester, Miguel Angel 
2005Characterization of a speaker from a telephone recording using speech quality measurementsAlonso, Jesús B. ; Travieso, Carlos M. ; De León, José; Ferrer, Miguel A.