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1997Obesity worsens cardiovascular risk profiles independently of hyperinsulinaemiaBonora, E.; Targher, G.; Zenere, M. B.; Saggiani, F.; Alberiche, M. P. , et alArtículo
1997Cigarette smoking and insulin resistance in patients with noninsulin- dependent diabetes mellitusTargher, Giovanni; Alberiche, Maria ; Zenere, Marina B.; Bonadonna, Riccardo C.; Muggeo, Michele, et alArtículo
1998Prevalence of insulin resistance in metabolic disorders: The Bruneck StudyBonora, Enzo; Kiechl, Stefan; Willeit, Johann; Oberhollenzer, Friederich; Egger, Georg, et alArtículo
1999Effect of chronic treatment with lacidipine or lisinopril on intracellular partitioning of glucose metabolism in type 2 diabetes mellitusBonora, Enzo; Targher, Giovanni; Alberiche, Maria ; Bonadonna, Riccardo C.; Saggiani, Francesca, et alArtículo
2000Homeostasis model assessment closely mirrors the glucose clamp technique in the assessment of insulin sensitivity: Studies in subjects with various degrees of glucose tolerance and insulin sensitivityBonora, Enzo; Targher, Giovanni; Alberiche, Maria ; Bonadonna, Riccardo C.; Saggiani, Francesca, et alArtículo
2001Relation between soluble adhesion molecules and insulin sensitivity in type 2 diabetic individuals: Role of adipose tissueTarguer, Giovanni; Bonadonna, Riccardo C.; Alberiche, Maria ; Zenere, Marina B.; Muggeo, Michele, et alArtículo
2001Intracellular partition of plasma glucose disposal in hypertensive and normotensive subjects with type 2 diabetes mellitusBonora, Enzo; Targher, Giovanni; Alberiche, Maria ; Bonadonna, Riccardo C.; Zenere, Marina B., et alArtículo
2002Predictors of insulin sensitivity in Type 2 diabetes mellitusBonora, E.; Targher, G.; Alberiche, M. ; Formentini, G.; Calcaterra, F., et alArtículo
2005Differences in cardiovascular risk factors, insulin resistance, and insulin secretion in individuals with normal glucose tolerance and in subjects with impaired glucose regulation: The Telde studyNóvoa, Francisco J.; Boronat, Mauro ; Saavedra, Pedro; Díaz-Cremades, Juan M.; Varillas, Valois F., et alArtículo
2009Differences in traditional and emerging cardiovascular risk factors of subjects discordantly classified by metabolic syndrome definitions of the International Diabetes Federation and the National Cholesterol Education ProgramBoronat, M. ; Saavedra, P.; Varillas, V. F.; Wagner, A. M. ; López-Plasencia, Y. , et alArtículo
2009Thyrotropin levels and their relationship with cardiovascular risk factors in the island of Gran Canaria, Spain. Implications of lowering the upper reference limit of thyrotropin stimulating hormoneAlberiche, M. ; Boronat, M. ; Saavedra, P.; Pérez, N.; Marrero, D., et alArtículo
2016Effect of liraglutide on physical performance in type 2 diabetes (LIPER2): A randomised, double-blind, controlled trialWägner, Ana María ; Miranda Calderín, Guillermo ; Ugarte-Lopetegui, Miren Arantza; Marrero-Santiago, Héctor; Suárez-Castellano, Laura, et alArtículoEffect_liraglutide_physical_performance.pdf.jpg
2017Effect of liraglutide on physical performance in type 2 diabetes (LIPER2): a randomised, double-blind, controlled trialWagner, A. M. ; Miranda Calderín, Guillermo ; Alberiche-Ruano, María Del Pino ; Lopez-Madrazo, J.; Ugarte-Lopetegui, A., et alActas de congresosEffect_liraglutide_physical_performance.pdf.jpg
2017Onset of Graves’ disease during pregnancy in a woman with established hypothyroidismAlberiche, María ; Sánchez Hernández, Rosa María ; López Mérida, X.; Wägner, Ana María Artículo
2018Adaptation and cross-cultural validation of the Spanish version of the Thyroid-Related Quality-of-Life Patient-Reported Outcome questionnaireBoronat, Mauro ; González-Lleó, Ana; Rodríguez-Pérez, Carlos; Feldt-Rasmussen, Ulla; Lopez-Plasencia, Yaiza , et alArtículo
2020Motivational Interviewing and Self-Care in Type 1 Diabetes: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial Study ProtocolAlvarado Martel, Dácil ; Boronat Cortés, Mauro ; Alberiche Ruano, Maria Del Pino ; Algara González, María Andrea ; Ramallo Fariña, Yolanda , et alArtículo
2020Predicted pathogenic mutations in STAP1 are not associated with clinically defined familial hypercholesterolemiaLamiquiz-Moneo, Itziar; Restrepo-Córdoba, María Alejandra; Mateo-Gallego, Rocío; Bea, Ana María; Alberiche Ruano, Maria Del Pino , et alArtículoPredicted_pathogenic_mutations_STAP1.pdf.jpg