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2002Minimal-change disease with mesangial IgA deposits associated with Sjogren syndromeMon, C.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Fernández Reyes, M. J.; Estébanez, C.; Ortiz, M., et alReseña
2002Acute interstitial nephritis caused by clozapineEstébanez, C.; Fernández Reyes, M. J.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Mon, C.; Rodríguez, F., et alReseña
2007Prostatic carninoma as acute renal failure of unknown etiologyHeras Benito, Manuel; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Fernández-Reyes, Ma J.; Molina, A.Comentario
2007Nephrotic syndrome in bone marrow transplantationHeras Benito, Manuel; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Fernández-Reyes, M. J.; Saiz, A.Comentario
2008Elderly patients with chronic kidney disease: What is their course at one year?Heras Benito, Manuel; Fernández-Reyes Luis, Ma J.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Guerrero Díaz, Ma T.; Muñoz Pascual, A., et alArtículo
2008Serum creatinine is a more useful tool for the evaluation of renal function in the ederly as than calculating the glomerular filtratio rateHeras Benito, Manuel; Fernández-Reyes, M. J.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Guerrero Díaz, M. T.Comentario
2008Hyponatremia secondary to cerebral salt-wasting syndrome associated to bacterial meningitisHeras Benito, Manuel; Iglesias, P.; Guevara, P.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Fernández-Reyes, M. J.Comentario
2008Improvement of intradialytic arrhytmias after combined conductivity and ultrafiltration profiling without secondary overhydrationMolina Ordás, A.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Fernández, M. J.; Luis, R.; Heras Benito, M.Comentario
2008Chronic kidney disease: Novelties and scope of follow-up by the primary care physicianSánchez Hernández, R. Comentario
2008Management of perioperative bleeding in renal patientsHeras Benito, M.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Fernández-Reyes, M. J.; Isabel Díez Lobo, A.Comentario
2008Genetics and environment: Pathogenetic factors of vasculitis?Heras Benito, Manuel; Fernández-Reyes Luis, M. J.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Saiz, A.Comentario
2008Oliguric acute renal failure as a complication of treatment of an infrarenal aortic aneurysm by implantation of an aortic stentHeras Benito, Manuel; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Fernández-Reyes, Ma J.; Molina, A.Comentario
2009Anxious depression as cause of hypertension that is difficult to control with antihypertensive agentsHeras Benito, M.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Fernández Reyes, M. J.; Molina, Á; Álvarez-Ude, F.Artículo
2010Hemodialysis 4 days a week: An effective alternative for controlling blood pressure and reaching target weight after dialysisMolina Ordas, A.; Rodríguez Gómez, M. A.; Sánchez Hernández, R. ; Fernández-Reyes Luis, M. J.; Heras Benito, M., et alComentario
2012Renal supportive care and renal palliative care: Revision and proposal in kidney replacement therapyLeiva-Santos, Juan P.; Sánchez-Hernández, Rosa ; García-Llana, Helena; Fernández-Reyes, M. José; Heras-Benito, Manuel, et alArtículo
2015Prevalencia y evaluación de síntomas en enfermedad renal crónica avanzadaGutiérrez Sánchez, Daniel; Leiva-Santos, Juan P.; Sánchez-Hernández, Rosa ; Gómez García, RafaelArtículo
2015Diabetes En Adolescentes Canarios. Evaluación Del Programa Educativo Anais Calimentación Normal Con Ajuste De Insulina.Pérez Pérez, Iris MariaTrabajo final de grado
2015Suspension of basal insulin to avoid hypoglycemia in type 1 diabetes treated with insulin pumpBoronat Cortés, Mauro ; Sánchez Hernández, Rosa María ; Rodríguez-Cordero, Julia; Jiménez-Ortega, Angelines; Novoa Mogollón, Francisco ArtículoSuspension_basal_insulin.pdf.jpg
2015Quality of life and type 1 diabetes: a study assessing patients' perceptions and self-management needsAlvarado-Martel, Dácil ; Velasco, Rebeca; Sánchez-Hernández, Rosa M. ; Carrillo, Armando; Novoa, Francisco J. , et alArtículoQuality_of_life_and_type_1_diabetes.pdf.jpg
2016Baseline Evaluation And Follow Up Of A Cohort Of Hererozygous Familial Hypercholesterolemia In The Lipid Unit Of The Hospital Universitario Insular De Gran CanariaDe Luis Rodríguez, MartaTrabajo final de grado