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2002Teaching English grammar in the eighteenth century : Ann FisherRodríguez Gil, María Esther Tesis doctoralResumen_en_espanol.pdf.jpg
2006Deconstructing female conventions: Ann Fisher (1719-1778)Rodriguez-Gil, Maria E. Reseña
2006John Entick's and Ann Fisher's dictionaries: An eighteenth-century case of (cons)piracy?Rodríguez-Álvarez, Alicia ; Rodríguez-Gil, María Esther Artículo
2009Joan C. Beal, Carmela Nocera & Massimo Sturiale (eds.). Perspectives on prescriptivism (Linguistic Insights 73). Bern: Peter Lang, 2008. Pp. 269. ISBN 978-3-03911-632-4.Rodríguez Gil, María Esther Reseña
2012Lowth's legacy in teaching English to foreigners: The case of Thomas Connelly's English grammar in SpainRodríguez-Gil, María E. Reseña
2013Common topics in eighteenth-century prefaces to English school grammars: An application of the ECEG databaseRodríguez-Álvarez, Alicia ; Rodríguez-Gil, María E. Artículo
2013The ECEG databaseYáñez-Bouza, Nuria; Rodríguez-Gil, María E. Artículo
2013Introduction: New insights into eighteenth-century grammar writingYáñez-Bouza, Nuria; Rodríguez-Gil, María E. Comentario
2016The title-page in eighteenth century grammar booksYáñez Bouza,Nuria ; Rodríguez-Gil, María E. Artículo