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1968The relationship between succinate dehydrogenase activity and oxygen consumption in the brine shrimp Artemia Salina1Packard, Theodore T. ; Taylor, Peter B.
1970Nitrate reductase in Peru current phytoplanktonEppley, R. W.; Packard, T. T. ; MacIsaac, J. J.
1970Efficiency of the reverse-flow filter technique for concentration of particulate matterHolm-Hansen, O.; Packard, T. T. ; Pomeroy, L.R.
1971Vertical distribution of the activity of the respiratory electron transport system in marine planktonPackard, T. T. ; Healy, M. L.; Richards, F. A.
1972A study of the distribution and activity of microorganisms in ocean waterHobbie, John E.; Holm‐Hansen, Osmund; Packard, Theodore T. ; Pomeroy, Lawrence R.; Sheldon, Raymond W.; Thomas, James P.; Wiebe, William J.
1973The light dependence of nitrate reductase in marine phytoplanktonPackard, Theodore T. 
1975The effect of hydrostatic pressure on respiratory electron transport system activity in marine zooplanktonKing, F. D.; Packard, T. T. 
1975Particulate protein-nitrogen in North Atlantic surface watersPackard, T. T. ; Dortch, Q.
1975The effect of temperature on the respiratory electron transport system in marine planktonPackard, T. T. ; Devol, A. H.; King, F. D.
1975Respiration and the activity of the respiratory electron transport system in marine zooplanktonKing, Frederick D.; Packard, Theodore T. 
1976Oxygen utilization and plankton metabolism in a Washington fjordChristensen, John P.; Packard, T. T. 
1976Respiratory electron transport activity and adenosine triphosphate in the oxygen minimum of the eastern tropical North PacificDevol, Allan H.; Packard, Theodore T. ; Holm-Hansen, Osmund
1976A Further Investigation on the Primary Productivity in the Divergence Zone Near the French Mediterranean CoastSlawyk, Gerd; Minas, Hans Joachim; Minas, Monique; Packard, Theodore T. 
1976A comparative study of the glutamate dehydrogenase activity in several species of marine phytoplanktonAhmed, S. I.; Kenner, R. A.; Packard, T. T. 
1977Denitrification and hydrogen sulfide in the Peru upwelling region during 1976Dugdale, R. C.; Goering, J. J.; Barber, R. T.; Smith, R. L.; Packard, T. T. 
1978Future research problems in marine organic chemistryGagosian, Robert B.; Ahmed, Saiyed I.; Farrington, John W.; Lee, Richard F.; Mantoura, Richard F.C.; Nealson, Kenneth H.; Packard, Theodore T. ; Reinhart, Kenneth L.
1978Plankton metabolic activity in the eastern tropical North PacificKing, Frederick D.; Devol, Allan H.; Packard, Theodore T. 
1978Seasonal changes in respiratory enzyme activity and productivity in Lake Washington microplanktonDevol, Allan H.; Packard, T. T. 
1979Respiratory electron transport activities in phytoplankton and bacteria: Comparison of methodsChristensen, J. P.; Packard, T. T. 
1979Half-saturation constants for nitrate reductase and nitrate translocation in marine phytoplanktonPackard, T. T.