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1968The relationship between succinate dehydrogenase activity and oxygen consumption in the brine shrimp Artemia Salina1Packard, Theodore T. ; Taylor, Peter B.Comentario
1970Efficiency of the reverse-flow filter technique for concentration of particulate matterHolm-Hansen, O.; Packard, T. T. ; Pomeroy, L.R.Comentario
1970Nitrate reductase in Peru current phytoplanktonEppley, R. W.; Packard, T. T. ; MacIsaac, J. J.Artículo
1971Vertical distribution of the activity of the respiratory electron transport system in marine planktonPackard, T. T. ; Healy, M. L.; Richards, F. A.Artículo
1972A study of the distribution and activity of microorganisms in ocean waterHobbie, John E.; Holm‐Hansen, Osmund; Packard, Theodore T. ; Pomeroy, Lawrence R.; Sheldon, Raymond W., et alArtículo
1973The light dependence of nitrate reductase in marine phytoplanktonPackard, Theodore T. Comentario
1975Respiration and the activity of the respiratory electron transport system in marine zooplanktonKing, Frederick D.; Packard, Theodore T. Comentario
1975Particulate protein-nitrogen in North Atlantic surface watersPackard, T. T. ; Dortch, Q.Artículo
1975The effect of hydrostatic pressure on respiratory electron transport system activity in marine zooplanktonKing, F. D.; Packard, T. T. Artículo
1975The effect of temperature on the respiratory electron transport system in marine planktonPackard, T. T. ; Devol, A. H.; King, F. D.Artículo
1976Respiratory electron transport activity and adenosine triphosphate in the oxygen minimum of the eastern tropical North PacificDevol, Allan H.; Packard, Theodore T. ; Holm-Hansen, OsmundArtículo
1976A comparative study of the glutamate dehydrogenase activity in several species of marine phytoplanktonAhmed, S. I.; Kenner, R. A.; Packard, T. T. Artículo
1976Oxygen utilization and plankton metabolism in a Washington fjordChristensen, John P.; Packard, T. T. Artículo
1976A Further Investigation on the Primary Productivity in the Divergence Zone Near the French Mediterranean CoastSlawyk, Gerd; Minas, Hans Joachim; Minas, Monique; Packard, Theodore T. Artículo
1977Denitrification and hydrogen sulfide in the Peru upwelling region during 1976Dugdale, R. C.; Goering, J. J.; Barber, R. T.; Smith, R. L.; Packard, T. T. Artículo
1978Seasonal changes in respiratory enzyme activity and productivity in Lake Washington microplanktonDevol, Allan H.; Packard, T. T. Artículo
1978Plankton metabolic activity in the eastern tropical North PacificKing, Frederick D.; Devol, Allan H.; Packard, Theodore T. Artículo
1978Future research problems in marine organic chemistryGagosian, Robert B.; Ahmed, Saiyed I.; Farrington, John W.; Lee, Richard F.; Mantoura, Richard F.C., et alActas de congresos
1979Respiratory electron transport activities in phytoplankton and bacteria: Comparison of methodsChristensen, J. P.; Packard, T. T. Comentario
1979Half-saturation constants for nitrate reductase and nitrate translocation in marine phytoplanktonPackard, T. T. Artículo